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Enhance the survival experience with advanced skills, stats, abilities, and more

Aurelium Skills

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Aurelium Skills is a feature-packed skills plugin that enhances the vanilla survival experience. Players level up skills to earn stat buffs, unlock and level up abilities, and more. With an extensive configuration, the plugin is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the experience to fit your server.



There are 15 skills for players to level, such as Farming, Mining, Fighting, and Enchanting. All skills are easily viewable in GUI inventory menus using /skills

Skills Menu


There are 6 stats that buff the player and are increased alongside leveling skills:

  • Strength ➽ Increases attack damage
  • Health ❤ Increases max health
  • Regeneration ❥ Increases health and mana regen speed
  • Luck ☘ Increases luck attribute and double drop chance for common blocks
  • Wisdom ✿ Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs
  • Toughness ✦ Reduces incoming damage

Your stat levels and their descriptions can be viewed using /stats


Abilities are key rewards for leveling up your skills. They are passive bonuses that enhance your gameplay and make you more powerful. Each skill has up to 5 unique abilities that unlock and level up as you progress. Here are some examples of the abilities in the plugin (there are 70 total!):

  • Bountiful Harvest (Farming) - Chance to get double drops from crops
  • Shredder (Foraging) - Chance to deal triple durability damage with axes
  • Bleed (Fighting) - Chance to make the enemy bleed, dealing damage every few seconds
  • Thunder Fall (Agility) - When sneaking during a fall, you have a chance to deal a percentage of the fall damage expected to mobs in a 3 block radius
  • Alchemist (Alchemy) - Potions you brew have a longer duration
  • Life Steal (Healing) - Heal a percentage of the max HP of hostile mobs and players you kill

You can customize all abilities to your liking: change their chance, power, or level to suit your preferences and playstyle. Learn how to configure abilities here.

Mana Abilities

Mana Abilities are a special type of ability that costs mana to use and are active, meaning they require the player to activate or use. By default, mana abilities are unlocked at level 7 of that skill and increase in level every 7 levels. Level increases can change duration/power, cooldown, and mana cost, which are all configurable. Learn more here.

Loot Tables

Loot tables are used to customize loot dropped from the Fishing and Excavation abilities. They can also be used to add custom loot tables to Mining and Foraging as well. Loot tables support multiple pools with different chances, as well as different weights for each item. Items with NBT and custom items from other plugins can be used easily. Learn more here.


The rewards files can be modified to add custom rewards for leveling skills, including executing commands, granting permissions, giving items, and adding Vault currency. The stats that each skill increases can also be changed. Learn more here.

Other Features

  • Add stat buffs to items and armor through a modifier system
  • Add skill requirements to items and armor
  • Add any material as XP sources
  • Action bar and boss Bar
  • Developer API
  • MySQL support
  • Backups
  • Skill leaderboards

Supported Plugins

  • PlaceholderAPI - View the list of placeholders, no e-cloud download needed
  • Vault - Money level up rewards
  • WorldGuard - Disable XP gain in certain regions
  • Holographic Displays and DecentHolograms - Damage indicators with critical hit colors
  • LuckPerms - Permission rewards
  • Magic - Compatible mana, skills, and stats
  • Reforges
  • AureliumMobs

Messages and Languages

Change your personal language using /skills lang [language]. Change the default language using the default-language option in config.yml and restarting the server.

Help translate the plugin on Crowdin, if you don't see your language ask on the Discord server for it to be added.


Published onApril 22, 2023

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