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Hide Commands, Customize F3 Brand, Block Unwanted Tab-Completion & Suggestions

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Alihan released this version: June 9, 2024

Feel free to join my Discord if you encounter any issues! ^^


  • Change config.yml settings/comments
  • Change default storage.yml commands
  • Improve data sync (+Luckperms)
  • Improve tab-completion for blacklist-mode


  • Fix 1.20.1 - 1.20.2 support
  • Fix 1.17 support
  • Fix performance leak
  • Fix Skript commands false block (Custom-Unknown-Command)
  • Fix security issue (Color codes in commands)
  • Fix Bungeecord command bypass (at spam)
  • Fix (ViaVersion) proxy plugin leak exploit
  • Fix executable sub-command when given bypass permission
  • Fix storage.yml resets after changes in server-groups
  • Fix potential bypass tab-completion method
  • Fix Velocity CustomServerBrand exception
  • Fix server recognition
  • Fix console exception when adding command to server-group
  • Fix per-server tab-completion issues
  • Fix per-server command execution & tab-completion
  • Fix exception on Velocity servers
  • Fix ViaVersion tab-completion bypass
  • Fix tab-completion issue with normal chat messages
  • Fix Bungeecord-plugins tab-completion
  • Fix Bungeecord-plugins suggestions


Published onJune 9, 2024


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.6)
Waterfall Waterfall (1.20)
Velocity Velocity (3.3)


Paper Paper

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