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AnhyLingo is a plugin for Minecraft servers designed to create a multilingual interface.


Anhydrite released this version: December 17, 2023

AnhyLingo Version 0.3.3 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of AnhyLingo version 0.3.3, which marks a significant advancement in the plugin's development. Key highlights of this version include:

  1. Code Refactoring and AnhyLibAPI Integration: A substantial portion of AnhyLingo's code has been refactored and transformed into a separate library, AnhyLibAPI. This change means that servers wishing to use AnhyLingo must also install AnhyLibAPI. This separation not only streamlines AnhyLingo's codebase but also enhances its functionality and reliability.

  2. Optimization and Bug Fixes: Along with the refactoring, the remaining code in AnhyLingo has undergone significant optimization. We have addressed numerous logical and technical errors, resulting in a more robust and efficient plugin.

  3. Dedicated AnhyLingo API: An important addition in this version is the introduction of AnhyLingo's own API. This dedicated API provides other developers with the opportunity to use AnhyLingo as a library, allowing for greater flexibility and integration in their plugin development projects.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance the user experience and offer developers more tools and functionalities to explore and utilize in their Minecraft servers. As always, we are committed to improving AnhyLingo and eagerly await feedback from our user community.

Important to Know:

AnhyLibAPI must be loaded on the server as a plugin. It's crucial to understand that AnhyLibAPI, in its role as a plugin, does not monitor any events, have timers, or interact with the world or players, ensuring no additional load on the server's operation and performance. The primary purpose of AnhyLibAPI is to provide its API to other plugins, serving as a robust foundation for extending their functionality. This design ensures that AnhyLibAPI enhances plugin capabilities without compromising server efficiency.


Published onDecember 17, 2023


Paper Paper (1.19-1.20.4)