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AuroraLS3 released this version: October 21, 2023

Change Log 5.6 build 2614

Hello! This version contains a hefty set of new features, bugfixes and usability improvements. Highlighted features include Web User Access-Control, Plugin Version History and 'Click to see Who'-features. There are a lot more new things so check out the change log.

Updating to this version modifies database schema There is a guide for updating to this version here: https://github.com/plan-player-analytics/Plan/wiki/Migration-guide-from-Version-5.5-to-5.6

Special thanks to yu_solt, ToxiWoxi, Kopo, xlanyleeet, Jumala9163, ringoXD, Dreeam-qwq & jhqwqmc for their contributions to this update!

If you would like to support the project financially, please consider sponsoring the main developer.

Change Log

Web user access control (HTTPS required)


A more granular user access control has been requested for quite a long time. Now you can limit users to only see smaller parts of the website. This feature is documented in https://github.com/plan-player-analytics/Plan/wiki/Web-permissions though you will find some help embedded on the /manage page.

Migrating from old version with permission_level adds groups 'legacy_level_0' etc with permissions that match previous behavior, users are linked to them automatically.

In order to edit web permissions on the website you need to set at least one webuser as admin with /plan setgroup {username} admin.

In order to keep /plan register working, give your players 'plan.webgroup.{group_name}'-permission in your permission plugin (such as LuckPerms) for the group you want them to have. If player has none of these permissions they can't register at all.

Plugin Version History (HTTPS required)


Plan now gathers plugin versions on server start. Any modifications are timestamped. This can be useful when tracking performance impact of plugin updates. This data was possible to gather from all server platforms.

Seeing this data on the website requires HTTPS to be set up because some server admins may consider this data sensitive. Without HTTPS the data endpoint is disabled and the data is only visible in the database. After HTTPS is set up admins can control who sees this data through web permissions.

On network page it is possible to check plugin versions of any server on the network. This can help you keep up to date with your plugins.

Click to see Who


You can now click & drag on Server Calendar (and the new Network Calendar) to see who was playing on specific days the calendar data is about. On Geolocations Map you can click on a Country to see who has joined from that country.

These features utilize the existing Query features so it was relatively simple to implement. If you have more ideas where you would like to see who data is about, you can make a suggestions on Github


New features

  • Player tables now show Average, Best and Worst Ping for all players
  • You can now choose visible columns on any table (such as Players tables and plugin tables.)
  • Network Calendar was added to Network Overview, similar to Server Calendar
  • Navigation button can now go to Plan Error Logs and Swagger Docs
  • The bigger features mentioned above


  • Network Performance now disables TPS, Entities and Chunks buttons if there's only Proxy servers in the selected dataset.
  • Player page Plugins navigation now only shows servers that the player has data from.
  • Fixed some table text color issues, especially in Night Mode
  • Fixed issues with reverse-proxy https falling back to relative addresses in frontend when proxy-mode https was not in use. (Plan would assume address is http:// but browser would have https://, leading to different start for the address, which was interpret as incorrect address.)

Removal of old frontend files

With the React rewrite being complete an in use by most users, this version deletes the old frontend files from the jar. This reduces jar size.

If you still haven't migrated your html customizations this version does not load them anymore. Migration guide: https://github.com/plan-player-analytics/Plan/wiki/Html-Customization--migration-guide-to-React

  • Removed Plugin.Use_Legacy_Frontend setting.
  • Removed any code related to this setting, old behavior and the old web files.
  • Moved most html rendering from backend to the frontend.
  • DataTables did not support rendering React inside table headers so the library was removed and all functionality used by Plan rewritten in React. The visual differences should be minimal.

PageExtension API changes

  • You can now use web permissions with WebUser
  • Registering custom web permissions is possible either by overriding Resolver#usedWebPermissions, or through ResolverService#registerPermissions. There are two methods in ResolverService, one which grants existing groups the new permissions based on existing permission.


  • Address of any webserver that is enabled can now be used by commands (Useful for users with 2 game servers without proxy)
  • Disabled X-Forwarded-For reverse-proxy warning temporarily since it was giving false positive warnings often.
  • Fixed out of date information appearing on the /player page due to HTTP caching

Endpoint changes

  • Added /v1/preferences and /v1/storePreferences endpoints that has some default formatting values coming from config.yml and user specific preferences if they have them set. Preferences UI is not yet implemented so for now this only returns the defaults.
  • Deprecated /v1/players endpoint, replaced with /v1/playersTable which gives data in raw format instead of formatted.
  • Added Group Management related endpoints /v1/webGroups, /v1/groupPermissions, /v1/permissions, /v1/saveGroupPermissions, /v1/deleteGroup (Only enabled with https)
  • Added Plugin history endpoint /v1/pluginHistory (Only enabled with https)


  • Fixed join address truncation error on backup
  • Added tables plan_web_group, plan_web_group_to_permission, plan_web_permission, plan_web_user_preferences & plan_plugin_versions
  • plan_security column permission_level was removed and a foreign key column group_id added
  • Inactive player cleaning is now disabled on Game servers if Proxy server is in the database to avoid confusing situations where limit configured on Proxy server doesn't apply.


  • Possibly fixed Ping not being gathered on Spigot 1.20+ servers
  • Dreeam-qwq fixed an error that occurred when Join Address didn't contain a port number.


  • Fabric 1.20.2 support was implemented by Kopo. Older versions of fabric are no longer supported.
  • Plan now uses semantic version for fabric metadata


  • ToxiWoxi fixed SpongeForge failing to load Plan due to unspecified LuckPerms dependency version in Plan


Some functionality was added to make life of translators easier.

  • Added setting which lists untranslated keys Plugin.Logging.Log_untranslated_locale_keys (default false). This lists anything that has default value so it may give some false positives.
  • Custom locale.yml file is now reloaded when it is modified.
  • Ukranian Locale (UK) added by xlanyleeet
  • Japanese Locale (JA) updated by yu_solt and Jumala9163
  • Simplified Chinese Locale (CN) updated by jhqwqmc
  • Translation of some data was moved to frontend so that it changes when you change the language.


  • Fixed off by one mistake in %plan_top_...% placeholders where 1 would give the 2nd highest and 10 nothing.
  • Added %plan_player_geolocation% placeholder


  • Fixed BuyCraft not sorting dates correctly
  • Fixed an issue where rapid fire Vulcan AntiCheat violations would cause database exceptions.
  • Updated Lands API to newer version
  • Possibly fixed an issue where Litebans data was not being updated
  • Fixed issue where ViaVersion would show no data on network page


Published onOctober 21, 2023


Paper Paper (1.13-1.20.2)
Waterfall Waterfall (1.13-1.20)
Velocity Velocity (3.0-3.2)