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AuroraLS3 released this version: May 26, 2024

5.6 build 2883

This release brings redesigned join address visualization, Folia support, updates to Fabric 1.20.5, quality of life features and fixes some bugs.

Special thanks to jhqwqmc, Sniper_TVmc, mcmdev, DrexHD and ZhangYuheng for contributions to this update

Change log


  • Fabric support was updated to 1.20.5 by DrexHD, older fabric versions are no longer supported as Fabric 1.20.5 requires Java 21


  • Folia support was implemented by ZhangYuheng. Please note that sessions from Folia servers will have incorrect world times on Folia since the platform doesn't support PlayerWorldChangeEvent yet.


  • You can now configure Plan using environment variables. This can be useful for those running servers in docker environments. Examples:
    • Plugin.ServerName -> PLAN_PLUGIN_SERVERNAME
    • ServerInfoFile.yml is also supported, eg. PLAN_SERVER_ID, PLAN_SERVER_UUID to have specific servers keep their identity if your server destroys all files on shutdown.
    • With string lists variable needs to be format "- One\n- Two" where \n is newline


Redesigned Join Address visualization


Join address visualization was difficult for servers with 100s of join addresses. With the redesign you can select multiple addresses as a group to be visualized, and rename it to your liking. This can help you track different advertising campaigns and server list entries across time.


The same selectors are used on the Player Retention graph when you are grouping registered players by Join Address.

The address groups you make are linked to your user if you have login enabled, or stored to browser localstorage to keep them even if you close the page.

In addition:

  • It is now possible to disable join address gathering in the config
  • It is now possible to filter out specific addresses from the data in the config. This can help if you have a geyser server that isn't configured to forward hostnames, since the geyser server IP would appear in the data instead.
  • Join addresses that don't look like IPs or domains are now automatically filtered out. You can disable this behavior with Preserve_invalid setting.

Editing Queries

  • You can now press 'Edit Query' on the Query Results page to change the filters and view. This can be useful if you want to quickly select a timeframe from calendar and then filter the results further with other filters. image


  • Fixed permissions not being checked for tab completion of commands which allowed players to get list of player names via tab completion.


  • Fixed duplicate key exception during enable in some rare cases related to UpdateWebPermissionsPatch
  • Fixed CorrectWrongCharacterEncodingPatch failing on mysql.user table being a view
  • Fixed error storing access log when IP was spoofed (Longer than IPv6)


  • Fixed allowlist bounces data not being visible on exported pages.


  • Added %plan_server_uptime% placeholder


  • Composite punishment support was added to LibertyBans Extension by mcmdev
  • You can now configure PlaceholderAPI values that you want to ignore from other plugins. This is useful if some plugin doesn't report placeholder value after player leaves the server.
    • Placeholders that aren't replaced are now no longer stored as a changed value.


  • French (FR) locale was updated by Sniper_TVmc
  • Simplified Chinese (CN) locale was updated by jhqwqmc


Published onMay 26, 2024


Paper Paper (1.13-1.20.6)
Waterfall Waterfall (1.13-1.20)
Velocity Velocity (3.0-3.3)