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RegionTeleport allows you to teleport all players within a WG region to a specified location.


DrakePork released this version: May 22, 2023

Added /regionclear. This command allows you to clear specific entities from specific regions.
Available Types:
( ) are optional specifications
-ambient (bats)
-items(:<item name>)
-vehicles (Living vehicles like horses are excluded)
(all of the above are included in -all)
-displays (Only 1.19.4+)
-specific(:<entity name>)

The ones above don't clear npcs, named entities & tamed entities, to also clear those you can use:

The -only means only tamed entities will get removed, or only entities named "Steve" will get removed, etc.
Command examples:
/regionclear <region(s)> <types> (-s) (-w:[worldname])
/regionclear example1,example2 -animals -named:steve
/regionclear __global__ -animals -named-only:steve
/regionclear example1 -items:diamond,emerald -monsters -w:world_example

Specifying multiple sources is possible, so specifying
"-monsters -vehicles -specific:block_display" will remove all monsters, all non-living vehicles and all block displays.

Moved /regiontp help message from the language file into the plugin directly. This was done to keep /regiontp help up to date at all times.
Fixed the default lang msg for console-wrong-usage showing the wrong format.
Some internal code changes:

  • Java version & language is now 17.
  • Updated dependency versions.


Published onMay 22, 2023


Paper Paper (1.17-1.19.4)