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Glare released this version: September 24, 2023

A new PlaceholderAPI release is now available.

Below is the full changelog of what has been changed and/or added to PlaceholderAPI. Enjoy.

Fetch all expansions, including unverified ones [#952]

Thanks to @iGabyTM PlaceholderAPI will now fetch all available expansions from the eCloud, no matter their verification state.
Should you try to download an expansion from the eCloud that isn't verified will PlaceholderAPI inform you about the expansion not being verified, while also telling you that you need to download it manually.

/papi register <jar> fix [#946]

It was possible for the /papi register <jar> command to register Expansion jar files outside the expansions folder, giving a potential security risk to server owners. @JulianVennen provided a Pull request that fixes this issue and limits the command to only work within the expansions folder. Thank you!

Properly distinguish internal and external Expansions [#953]

Another Pull request by @iGabyTM allows PlaceholderAPI to properly distinguish internal and external Expansions from each other.
PlaceholderExpansions loaded from the expansions folder are now considered external while those registered by a Plugin are considered internal.

This also brings smaller changes to how expansions will be loaded:

  • External expansions will not be loaded if another expansion with the same identifier is already used. Internal expansions are given priority.
  • PlaceholderAPI only checks the eCloud for updates of an expansion, if it is an external one.

New environment variables [#947 and #978]

You can now use two environment variables to block downloads of specific expansions and to allow download of unverified expansions.

To block specific expansions from being downloaded add an environment variable called PAPI_BLOCKED_EXPANSIONS containing a case-insensitive, comma separated list of expansion identifiers to block. If no such environment variable is present, all expansions be downloadable as normal.

The other environment variable is PAPI_ALLOW_UNVERIFIED_EXPANSIONS which contains either true or false to allow or deny downloads of unverified expansions respectively.

Both variables have been added by @JulianVennen

1.20 support [#969]

PlaceholderAPI receives NMS 1.20 support. This means that NMSVersion now supports checking for SPIGOT_1_20_R1 (v1_20_R1). This also includes updates to dependencies used, namely Spigot.

This was added by @Andre601

Full Changelog: https://github.com/PlaceholderAPI/PlaceholderAPI/compare/2.11.3...2.11.4


Published onSeptember 24, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.2)