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Probably the best and the easiest [Player] chest shop plugin in the entire Minecraft history

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ElitoGame released this version: May 2, 2023


This update is MASSIVE lets just start: (For footage join our discord)

  1. A new empty shop notification system is now live! Shop owners now will receive notifications if their shop is empty, not only on joining but also using a new command called /ecs emptyshops (just try it out so cool looking)

  2. Fully customizable new Discord notification system: Now you can send notifications using discord webhook to a specific channel if a new transaction is made, and also if a new shop is created. This part is fully customizable and you can design the message as much as you like.

  3. Fixed a few bugs and some optimizations.

Also hello from Hangar, we'll be releasing updates here too from now on!


Published onMay 2, 2023


Paper Paper (1.14-1.19.4)