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Probably the best and the easiest [Player] chest shop plugin in the entire Minecraft history

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ItzAmirreza released this version: June 5, 2023

Features: - XP-Based Economy from now on if Vault is not being found, it switches to XP-based currency. It is also configurable from the config. - Improved Enchantment Display for Books Enchanted Books now display their Enchantments instead of their name, if only a single enchantment is present. If multiple are given, only Enchanted Book will be shown and the rest is visible when sneaking and looking at the shop. Books with only 1 level now don't display a level number anymore. - Self Transaction Prevention | maxStackSize purchases Added a GUI option for selling/buying items based on their max Stack Size (blocks x64, pearls x16, items x1) rather then always x64. As per a request also added the maxStackSize as a placeholder to the hologram. - Shop Commands Base Implemented the base system for Shop Commands. Shop commands get executed when a specific action like opening or closing a shop is triggered. Next up, placeholders and buy/sell specific amount options need to be added.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug related to chest shop outlines (some errors in the console)
  • Fixed the bug related to InventoryItemMoveEvent (errors in the console)
  • Fixed the bug related to ModelEngine (You won't be kicked anymore interacting with the custom entity)


Published onJune 5, 2023


Paper Paper (1.14-1.19.4)