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Probably the best and the easiest [Player] chest shop plugin in the entire Minecraft history

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ItzAmirreza released this version: August 27, 2023

Thanks to your reports, we have fixed bunch of bugs and added few new features. This is all because people care and put a bit of their time reporting bugs on our Discord server. Thank you.

Entirely new and responsive hologram system

  • Added support for having hologram texts and hologram items in the same line. This was impossible with the previous system, now it opens up doors for a trade system. new inspection info feature for holograms The conditional Tags used for , and are now updated to work similarly to the placeholders. This means that they should (not quite tested) work in multiplayer and also go for updates and smooth transitions rather than hide&show.
  • When sell & buy are both disabled, the separator should be replaced with a Disabled message.
  • Down rotation is fixed now. Always visible Holotexts
  • Made sure certain Hologram texts like Shop Empty Info or Custom Messages, will always be shown, regardless of showItem first.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that could've been thrown when a player logs out. Capacity & stock & maxbuy & maxsell
  • Added events to dynamically update the shop holograms maxbuy/maxsell infos whenever the shop or player inventory changes. Wether it be dropping items, picking up items, moving items through inventories by the player or by a hopper/dropper, the holograms should stay updated. Added Slovak translation by daretmavi! Thanks!
  • Fixed a bug where custom translations files would try to access the resource folder counterpart - which obviously don't exist when using custom translations. New debug system. /ecs uploadlogs will upload essential informaiton when it is asked to our servers so we can assist you better. Should fix PlayerJoinEvent error for chest outlines Potentially fixed the issue of None admin shops (from now on, the ones that are created, the previous ones however needs to be deleted manually) Fixed admin shop max shop limit problem
  • When a admin gets demoted, all their created admin shops were counted towards the shop limit. This fix removes adminshops from being counted towards the player's shop limit. Diacritic database name fix
  • Implemented a normalizer to remove diacritic symbols from the database type, which prevented the plugin from being enabled. And finally potentially fixed the Sign issue for some clients that had the problem.


Published onAugust 27, 2023


Paper Paper (1.16.5-1.20.1)