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Probably the best and the easiest [Player] chest shop plugin in the entire Minecraft history

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ElitoGame released this version: September 6, 2023

  • Fixed webhook errors being thrown due to discord ratelimits.
  • Fixed MySQL shop items not being accessible due to datatype conversion issues. BLOB -> TEXT
  • Fixed the emptyshop info appearing over admin shops - long term users still have that placeholder in their configs. Now the plugin should only show this placeholder for normal shops, regardless of the config.
  • Fixed a error being thrown if the shop didn't have a hologram when updating inventory replacements
  • Added an option to disable the towny integration.
  • New log format in the debug command, so we can provide better support.
  • Renamed the sub command uploadlogs to debug
  • Implemented a world based shop permission limit: ecs.shops.limit.[world].[X] - where world is the world to limit and X is the limit number. ecs.shops.limit.[X] still applies for every world, but the world limiter takes priority.


Published onSeptember 6, 2023


Paper Paper (1.16-1.20.1)