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Jake released this version: April 30, 2024

"Small" update that fixes some bugs and adds new stuff because of it.

Fixed: Bell Ring effect Fake XP and/or Level effect Used Tool expression, it's now lighter on the server as it no longer uses reflection Version objects don't throw console errors anymore fixed some toString() and getPropertyName() methods Some expressions from allowing themselves to be changed when they shouldn't The (event) dye color expression no longer crashes with other syntaxes

Changes: Switched to newer Skript api Improved Bell Conditions internally Improved 'Will do x' conditions' patterns Improved charged condition Improved Should Burn In Day condition Improved Has Horns condition Internally condensed some effects and conditions Expanded is Awake to all entities (that can sleep) Moved all event values to their appropriate event's class Renamed some events to match the most recent ones Improved Beacon related expressions Switched Expressions to extend Simpler Expression classes (SimpleExpression, SimplePropertyExpression etc)

Added: aliases for the currently added types (equipment slots, armorstand interactions, block faces etc. Armor Stand Manipulate event + Armor Stand Interaction type Roaring condition Entity Bow Shoot event + syntaxes Entity Place(d) event Harvest Event Enum Wrapper and Update Checker from SkBee, also added credits

Re-Added: Bell Resonate Event (?) 'Horse - is Eating' Condition

Removed: Arrow Body Count expression

Full Changelog: https://github.com/JakeGBLP/Lusk/compare/1.1...1.1.1

As always, contact me on discord @JakeGBLP or open an issue in case there's one.


Published onApril 30, 2024


Paper Paper (1.20-1.20.4)