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A simple NPC plugin using packets


Oliver released this version: August 26, 2023


  • Fixed right clicking npcs
  • Fixed sending entity metadata even when the player doesn't know about the entity
  • Added feature flag system
  • Added npc-attributes feature flag

[!] Important: make sure your server has paper build #132 or higher.
(Once these changes are merged into Folia, right clicking will work with Folia too)

Feature Flags

We've introduced feature flags in FancyNpcs to enhance your experience. These flags allow us to carefully control when certain features are available to you. This means we can ensure smoother updates, test new features without disrupting your usage, and quickly address any issues taht might arise. You can simply enable new features by opening the featureFlags.yml file (plugins/FancyNpcs/featureFlags.yml) and changing 'false' to 'true'. Keep in mind that these features might be uncomplete and could potentially cause problems.

Npc attributes

This is a new feature to modify different attributes of the entity. Currently there are 27 different attributes spread over 18 entity types. The command to modify an attribute is: '/npc attribute (npc name) (attribute name) (value)'. This feature is under the feature flag 'npc-attributes' and is not 100% complete, many attributes are still missing.

List of all attributes:

All entites: on_fire

Ageable entities: baby

Player: pose

Sheep: wool_color, sheared

Villager: profession, type

Frog: variant

Horse: variant, markings

Parrot: variant

Axolotl: variant

Tropical Fish: pattern baseColor, patternColor

Fox: type, pose

Panda: gene, pose

Goat: horns

Allay: dancing

Camel: pose

Rabbit: variant

Piglin: dancing


Published onAugust 26, 2023


Paper Paper (1.19.4, 1.20.1)