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Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players after a Minecraft update?


kennytv released this version: March 5, 2024

Important release schedule change

Starting 1.20.5, ViaVersion and ViaBackwards will only be released a day or so after a Minecraft update unless the protocol changes of the update were trivial. If you want early-access, usually days or even weeks before the final release, you can subscribe to either:

  • GitHub Sponsors (preferred option. Use the /verify command on this Discord after), or alternatively
  • Patreon (see the highest tier and make sure to link Patreon to your Discord account under Settings->Connections) This also includes access to a private repository with the code, which will be pushed to the public repository after the given delay on a Minecraft update.

At the same time however, bug fix patches will be released more regularly, always immediately public, and more of the low-priority issues will be tackled.

Due to the insane pace Mojang has been adding more and more complex technical features since 1.19/1.20, updating ViaVersion and making sure it works well enough has become a lot more time-consuming. Without some extra incentive, I can't really justify putting increasing amounts of free time into these updates, no matter how much I enjoy doing them.


  • Added sanity checks to item reading across all versions
  • Fixed written books in 1.20.2->1.20.3
  • Fixed 1.20->1.20.2 tag handling
  • Fixed exceptions during client leave on older servers
  • Fixed various component conversion issues in multiple versions
  • Fixed issues with skins and permanent loading screens on Velocity (by Aeltumn)

Note: Via* on BungeeCord does not work properly at the moment, we recommend using our plugins either on the backend servers or on Velocity instead.


Published onMarch 5, 2024


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.4)
Waterfall Waterfall (1.20)
Velocity Velocity (3.2-3.3)