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Resource Guidelines

Remember that these are just guidelines and that the Hangar team may choose to allow or disallow an action that is not explicitly listed here at our own discretion.

In general, our Community Guidelines also apply to resources submitted on Hangar.

Resource Updates

While the rate-limit for uploading new versions is very lenient to allow sometimes necessary hotfixes, you should not unnecessarily push a large number of updates to the release channel, solely to bump the update date of your project or to flood watching users with notifications.

Artificially Inflating Stats

Artificially increasing the download, star, or watcher count of projects (i.e. by creating multiple accounts to star a project or making an auto-updater re-download the already present version over and over again) will result in your account(s) and/or project being removed. If you have reason to believe that one of your project is being botted by someone else, please contact our support.

Monetization / Advertising

Functionality may not be hidden behind a paywall or an author-granted license key; this includes directly linking to paid off-site addons or "full" versions of a "lite" plugin version. Hooks into paid software are allowed if they exist for compatibility reasons or are part of a feature that is also usable through other, not similarly restricted means.

Advertisements are not allowed, with the exception of informative mentions of (optional) platform or plugin dependencies. Revenue generating links (such as adfly) are not permitted.

On the resource page, you may link to the following:

  • Related resources, such as projects you took inspiration from, dependencies, and free versions of the same resource on other websites.
  • Related documents, such as documentation, tutorials, source code, and support Discords, including paid support.
  • Donation links - you can also go to your project's donation settings to display them more prominently.
  • Paid subscription services (such as Patreon) to receive early previews of upcoming, free releases.


In project settings, you are given a text area to write sponsors into. Listed sponsors may only be donators (for example one-time donators or Patreon subscribers) or OSS license sponsors (for example when being provided IntelliJ, YourKit, or JProfiler license keys). Use this field in moderation and keep it secondary to your project's documentation. Only information about sponsors may be put into the sponsors field.


To circumvent license issues and the effort involved in reviewing obfuscated code, we do not allow submitted plugins to be obfuscated in any capacity.


We aim to comply with the Minecraft EULA. Any plugins, services, posts, and/or links suspected of violating the EULA may be removed at the discretion of the Hangar staff.

Offline-mode Support

Projects that explicitly state they are designed for such uses are not allowed. Some projects, such as authentication systems, may have functionality that can be useful for servers regardless of the server's use of Mojang authentication, but they may not promote this additional usage or be specifically designed for servers avoiding Mojang auth. Projects designed for proxies requiring online-mode=false are allowed, provided they are not written to facilitate circumvention of Minecraft account ownership.

Forks of Existing Projects

You are not allowed to re-upload resources of other authors as-is. Forks are permitted as long as they meet the requirements as stated below. Staff have the final say in what constitutes an accepted fork.

Your project must either:

  • Contain significant changes warranting the creation of a new project. This is to avoid "I changed the message colors in Plugin X and now I claim credit!", or
  • Continue a plugin that has been abandoned, with the author no longer answering messages or having stated that the project will no longer be updated.

You have to acknowledge or credit the past plugin and its developers. Essentially, do not claim it is a new plugin and exclusively your creation.

Project Name

Your project's name should not include a platform name or version, tagline or other description. The name should be unique and original and must not have a name implying it is an official PaperMC project. Large projects may receive a verified status, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis and will not be given on request.

Examples of project names that are not allowed:

  • Warps--The-Best-Plugin-Out-There
  • PaperDocs
  • Warps-1.19
  • Warps-Paper

Examples of names that are allowed:

  • Warps-Reborn
  • Warps2
  • WarpsLib

Project Category

The category you choose should be accurate. Your project should use the most fitting category rather than any category that only slightly applies. If no category appears accurate, the Miscellaneous category should be used.

Platform Selection

A plugin's selected platforms must be able to load it when put into the platform's plugin directory, provided its dependencies and configuration have been set up properly.

Malicious Code

Plugins must not grant or revoke feature access to any particular user or group of users determined by the plugin developer. This includes the author granting themselves a special display name or letting themselves use a special command. Commands for granting specific, pre-programmed users OP or permissions are not acceptable.

Other malicious actions, such as deleting a server's data or banning random players, are also prohibited.

These guidelines are loosely based on Ore's plugin submission guidelines, licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

Last updated: May 08, 2023