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Modern protection solution for individual blocks and entities


pop4959 released this version: February 14, 2024


  • Added support for decorated pots and crafters (@rymiel)
  • Added per player localization option (@rymiel)
  • Added player mode default options (@rymiel)
  • Added granular protection access permissions (@rymiel)
  • Added API to get protections in a world region
  • Added migration support from sign-based protection plugins
  • Improved admin find command, now featuring pagination and click to teleport
  • Improved info command, now with creation and last access time (@rymiel)
  • Improved trust command with more intuitive usage, no longer using modify
  • Improved lock command with optional "force" flag for admins making one-off protections
  • Improved performance loading protections from the database on startup
  • Improved performance of single permission checks on protections (@rymiel)
  • Improved performance for migrating LWC entity protections
  • Improved detection for existing protections when migrating from Bolt to LWC
  • Improved detection of leashes breaking when an entity is too far away
  • Improved detection of block breaking in some edge cases (@rymiel)
  • Updated bolt.mod permission to allow viewing protections (@rymiel)
  • Updated access list entries to not display default access
  • Updated commands to not require a source identifier for a unique source type
  • Updated community translations from Crowdin
  • Fixed admin cleanup command only being able to be run once (@rymiel)
  • Fixed admin purge command not being able to be run from console
  • Fixed edit and modify command throwing an error with the wrong number of arguments (@rymiel)
  • Fixed "edited" confirmation message appearing when making invalid protection modifications (@rymiel)
  • Fixed dispensers and droppers activated by redstone not checking for redstone permissions (@rymiel)
  • Fixed double doors being openable even if blocked by another plugin (@rymiel)
  • Fixed potential for blocking profile lookups in commands
  • Fixed bolt database type configuration being case sensitive when it should be insensitive
  • Fixed access list entry format not being translatable
  • Fixed source type and access type not being translatable (@rymiel)


Published onFebruary 14, 2024


Paper Paper (1.18.2-1.20.4)