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The "readable tag" library, an easy way to handle block, entity, item NBT and data components

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Rubenicos released this version: August 25, 2023


  • EnchantmentTag#getEnchantment() to get Bukkit equivalent enchantment if exists.
  • ItemStack callback from SkullTexture to process the retrieved textured skull if it's obtained with player name or uuid.
  • RtagEntity#getAttributeValue() to get attribute values.
  • Pretty NBT formatter to get any NBT object as pretty string, json or component, you can also use a custom color palette.
  • Compatibility with any type of NBT object on TStreamTools operations (Using GZIP format or not).
  • TStream instances now can read any type of serialized object as bytes (useful to read objects from Base64 that use different serialization formats).
  • ItemTagStream instances now detect PaperMC serialized items to convert across versions.
  • Multiple methods to convert Minecraft data versions using ServerInstance class.
  • OptionalType#first() to get the first object from OptionalType (list, array or single object).
  • OptionalType#single() to get the OptionalType as single object instance.
  • #merge() and #deepMerge() methods to merge multiple paths into compounds.
  • #move() method to move an object from path to any path using Rtag or RtagEditor instances.
  • TagBase#size() and TagBase#clear() to handle any list or compound.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix RtagItem#addEnchantment() not saving enchantments properly.


  • The documentation is now instantly updated when new version is published.
  • RtagEditor#load() method returns the current type object.
  • The textured skulls from SkullTexture now are unique ItemStack objects.
  • Texture values from SkullTexture now are cached as String (less memory usage).
  • The plugin is now marked as Folia supported.


Published onAugust 25, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.1)