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A fork of AuthMe with various bug fixes, new exciting features and Folia support

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"A fork of the best authentication plugin for the Bukkit modding API!⭐"

This fork is actively maintained🥳

Detailed Changes:

  1. Improved mail sending logic & support more emails
  2. Shutdown mail sending(When server is closed, email you)
  3. Legacy bug fixes
  4. Anti Ghost Player(Doubled login bug)
  5. Use the best performance method by server brand
  6. Bedrock Compatibility(Floodgate needed)(based on UUID)
  7. Update checker
  8. Integrated GUI Captcha feature
  9. Improved listeners
  10. Player login logic improvement to reduce lag
  11. Automatically purge bot data
  12. Folia compatibility
  13. Offhand Menu compatibility
  14. Automatically fix portal stuck issue
  15. Automatically login for Bedrock players(configurable)
  16. Fix shulker box crash bug on legacy versions(MC 1.13-)
  17. H2 database support
  18. 100% compatibility with original authme and extensions
  19. Velocity support
  20. More......



Published onMarch 26, 2024
Supports Folia

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