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A fork of AuthMe with various bug fixes, new exciting features and Folia support

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0D00_0721 released this version: June 4, 2024

B50 is released! Heres the changelog:

  1. Allow dot in the email by default
  2. Initial MiniMessage support
  3. Support plain-text password storage (NOCRYPT)
  4. Update RU translations (Thanks to @F3F5 )
  5. Improved Folia compatibility
  6. Fix issues with Velocity support
  7. I18N messages sending and localization update (Thanks to @Dreeam-qwq )
  8. Change default quickCommandProtection value
  9. Async teleport is now being determined automatically
  10. Fixes #2769
  11. Expose silentForceLogin to api (#2819)
  12. Fixes bedrockAutoLogin
  13. Code cleanup
  14. No so strict inventory whitelist(Configurable)


Published onJune 4, 2024


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.6)