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Drag and drop armor stand and display entity editor


56738 released this version: September 3, 2023

  • Added grouping
    • Shift+Right Click entities to add them to the group
    • Right Click to confirm and start editing the group
  • Added localization
  • Added configuration for menu layouts and properties
  • Added display entity content and custom entity names to menu
  • Improved display entity editor tools
    • Added better controls for the bounding box
    • Rotating display entities also affects the bounding box
  • Improved color picker
    • Item stays on the entity while being recolored
  • Moved spawn menu to Left Click (previously Shift+Right Click)
    • Shift+Right Click is now used for grouping
  • Added update checker


Published onSeptember 3, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.1)