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Transforms droppers into automatic item crafters!

Easily create autocrafters capable of crafting any recipe!

These autocrafters are easy and cheap to make and they can craft every single item with every single possible recipe.

The plugin is easy to use and requires zero configuration work. With compatibility for the latest Minecraft versions!

How does it work?

  1. Place a dropper in the world.

  1. Put an item frame on any side of the dropper.

  1. Put the item you want to craft in the item frame.

  1. Fill up the dropper with the crafting ingredients.

  1. Enjoy your new autocrafter!

Compatible Plugins

Any plugins that register their custom recipes into Paper are compatible! Other plugins need custom compatibility to be added to be supported. The following plugins are confirmed to be compatible:

  • CustomCrafting by WolfyScript (partially supported; only recipes using vanilla items)

Some versions of Automated Crafting only work with specific versions of compatible plugins. Use the exact versions of plugins listed below if applicable, otherwise use the newest versions.

  • Automated Crafing 2.4 only works with CustomCrafting!

It should be noted that any plugins that can change available recipes during runtime do not automatically update autocrafter recipes. You need to run /reloadrecipes manually to reload which recipes will be accepted by autocrafters.

Extra Features

  • Autocrafters will put the items inside of containers adjacent to the face of the dropper. This saves performance for servers so players don't need to have hoppers to pick up the items. The dropped item is also always spawned in the same location right in front of the dropper.
  • Powering the dropper will stop the autocrafting process even if there are still items inside.
  • Deny users the permission automatedcrafting.makeautocrafters to prevent them from making auto crafters!
  • There is a configuration file with various options to customize the plugin.
  • The source code is available over on github!


Published onApril 22, 2023

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