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Alessio released this version: March 5, 2023

  • [+] New objective: Enchant

  • [+] For conversations: Add random line possibility (Thanks to @BakaAless ). Instead of just "text:", you can now specify "texts:" as a string list inside of conversations. Showcase: https://github.com/AlessioGr/NotQuests/pull/189

  • [^] Update all kinds of dependencies

  • [^] Stop a moving Citizens NPC when in a conversation (Thanks to @BakaAless ). Showcase: https://github.com/AlessioGr/NotQuests/pull/188

  • [^] Allow minimessage format on quest-giver-npc-indicator-above-name (Thanks to @TheZexquex )

  • [^] Ability to check objective unlock conditions for:

    • every time an action is run for a player (default: on)
    • every X seconds (default: off)

    This also fixes some faulty logic with repeating tasks. Stuff like condition objectives were checked too quickly/often if multiple players are online

  • [!] Fix quest giver hologram armorstand not getting destroyed when despawning npc (Thanks to @TheZexquex )

  • [!] Fix armor being visible in armor slots after completing DeliverItems objective (Thanks to @TheZexquex )


Published onMarch 5, 2023


Paper Paper (1.19.3)