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Attention: Please use Paper or a fork of Paper, like Purpur or Pufferfish. NotQuests is a Paper-Native plugin and does not work on Spigot/Bukkit.

=> Getting started guide <=

Requirements to run NotQuests

  • Minecraft 1.17.x, 1.18.x, 1.19.x or 1.20.x
  • Java 17

Integrations / optional plugins:

  • MySQL Database - strongly recommended. Otherwise, SQLite will be used.
  • Citizens - needed for Citizens NPC stuff to work. You can also use Armor Stands without Citizens, though
  • Vault - for Economy stuff
  • PlaceholderAPI - needed for placeholders
  • MythicMobs - you can use MythicMobs in KillMobs objectives
  • EliteMobs - to use the KillEliteMobs objective
  • Slimefun - to use the SlimefunResearch objective
  • LuckPerms - to use the Permission Reward
  • UltimateClans - to use the UltimateClansClanLevelRequirement
  • Towny - to use various Requirements and Objectives
  • Jobs Reborn
  • Project Korra
  • EcoBosses
  • UltimateJobs

NotQuests is an incredibly easy-to-use, open-source spigot Quests plugin for 1.17, 1.18, 1.19 and 1.20.

While I initially created NotQuests for my own server because I was unhappy with what the previous Quests plugin we used had to offer, it's now public!

It's being constantly improved, and I really hope that others could contribute to the plugin and help maintain it.

The command system is much faster, easier & flexible than what other Quest plugins have to offer, and I did not notice any performance issues either.


  • Proxy support (like Velocity, Waterfall & BungeeCord)
  • Quest Profiles
  • Sub-objectives! Each objective can have unlimited sub-objectives. And each sub-objective can also have unlimited sub-sub-objectives.. and so on!
  • Variable system for registering flexible Actions & Conditions at the same time
  • Actions, Conditions, Objectives & Conditions are registered dynamically. This makes it easy to add your own via the API or by contributing.
  • Tag System (save data per-player)
  • Flexible Conversation system, tightly integrated with actions & conditions
  • Multiple integrations with other plugins (if not, you can achieve a lot with Placeholder Conditions/Objectives & Console Command Actions)
  • Great, extensive API
  • Complete GUI for the User Interface
  • Beautiful GUI & Chat Design
  • Modern coloring using MiniMessage (legacy is unsupported)
  • Player data is saved in MySQL or SQLite, Quest configuration data in a configuration file
  • Quest Point System (You can create your own currency via tags)
  • Smart Command Tab Completions for all User and Admin commands
  • Translation System (https://translate.notquests.com/)
  • Many usable Objectives, Conditions (= Requirements) and Actions (= Rewards). Full list of objectives: https://www.notquests.com/docs/documentation/types/objectives

Install it now and check out our many actions/rewards, conditions/requirements and objectives in-game!

New in v5.6.2: Sub-Objectives

Sub Objectives

PlaceholderAPI Placeholders

Player Placeholders:

%notquests_player_has_completed_quest_QUESTNAME% %notquests_player_has_current_active_quest_QUESTNAME% %notquests_player_is_objective_unlocked_and_active_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME% %notquests_player_is_objective_unlocked_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME% %notquests_player_is_objective_completed_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME% %notquests_player_questpoints% %notquests_player_active_quests_list_horizontal% %notquests_player_active_quests_list_vertical% %notquests_player_completed_quests_amount% %notquests_player_active_quests_amount% %notquests_player_tag_TAGNAME% %notquests_player_variable_VARIABLENAME% %notquests_player_expression_EXPRESSION% %notquests_player_rounded_expression_EXPRESSION% %notquests_player_quest_cooldown_left_formatted_QUESTNAME%

My full to-do list can be found on my discord. You are welcome to join https://discord.gg/7br638S5Ex for support, though, I won't promise you fast support while I'm busy with school.

Please don't hesitate to contribute any features you need on GitHub: https://github.com/AlessioGr/NotQuests

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Published onDecember 23, 2022



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