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Parties is an advanced parties manager for your Bukkit/Spigot, BungeeCord and Velocity


A groups manager plugin for your minecraft server.

Parties is an advanced plugin for Minecraft servers that allows the creation of parties (groups/clans/guilds) on your server. Everything is configurable and modular, if you don't want a feature, just disable it (it won't have a bad impact on the server). Read more about Parties here!

For offline players, LastLoginAPI is required!

Java 11+ is required




Helpful Links

Documentation of Parties

Commands reference

Full permissions list

Full changelogs

How to report a bug


Feel free to translate Parties for your language! Parties translations.
You can find the source code here and API for developers here.

General Features

  • 100% configurable
  • Censor system for a lot of features (regex based)
  • Commands are configurable
  • Placeholders system
    • Make custom placeholders for external use
    • Scoreboard (via PAPI) supported
  • Sync data between Spigot and BungeeCord
    • Data sharing configurable
  • Automatic update old configurations
  • Support for HEX colors of MC 1.16+ (&#ff0000)
  • Support for offline players (LastLoginAPI required)

Party Features

  • Chat dedicated to the party
  • EXP system
    • Give a level to each party and let them level up
    • Levels are completely customizable and optional
    • Obtain exp by killing normal mobs or via API
  • Fixed parties
    • Permanent parties that don't require a leader
    • Useful for reigns, clans or factions of a server
  • A customizable list of every party
    • Choose the sort system
    • You can filter or hide some parties
  • Fully customizable ranks (roles)
    • You decide every rank of the party
    • Every rank have their own party permissions
    • Every rank have their own rank placeholder
    • Set a limit number of members
  • Tag system
    • Set an unique tag for the party
  • Party color, choose or achieve their own color
  • Party description
  • Party MOTD
  • Member nicknames
  • Invite, ask or join a party with commands
  • Teleport command to tp party members to you
  • Protect your party with a password or just join others with a command
  • Open/close command to allow other users to join
  • Party delete/rename for admins/users
  • Ignore/disable notification commands
  • Server join/leave member message
  • Auto perform leader executed commands
  • Friendly fire protection
    • You can set it globally or toggleable with a command
  • Home and sethome system
  • Kills counter for each party
  • Follow party feature, whenever a player change world/server, the party will follow him

External Features

  • JSON messages supported
  • Asynchronous to avoid server lag
  • API for developers
    • Handle custom events via Bukkit or Bungee
    • Handle parties/players data via API
  • Statistics system (bStats)
  • Database supported: YAML, H2, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Redis support via RedisBungee plugin
  • Plugins supported:
    • AdvancedBan & BanManager: Auto kick banned users or prevent chat if muted
    • BedWars1058: Join into the minigame with the party
    • BungeeChat: Prevent chat if the player is muted
    • DungeonsXL: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • Dynmap: Create a mark for each party home
    • EssentialsX: Save back location for teleport commands
    • EssentialsChat: Use Parties placeholders on EssentialsChat
    • GriefDefender & GriefPrevention: Give claim permissions to the entire party
    • LastLoginAPI: Support for offline players
    • Marcely's Bedwars: Join into the minigame with the party
    • MMOCore: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • OpenAudioMc: Support Parties chat filter
    • PlaceholderAPI: Use PAPI placeholders inside Parties and viceversa
    • Plugily Projects: Minigame plugins support Parties
    • PremiumVanish: Support for BungeeCord vanish
    • Quality Armory: Support friendly fire protection with weapons
    • Quests: Share quest progress with your party
    • RedisBungee: Redis support
    • Screaming BedWars: Automatically follow leader on minigame join
    • ShowItem: Show items in party chat
    • Skript: Dedicated skripts
    • TNTRun_Reloaded: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • Unite: Support Parties as abstract party API
    • Vault: Give a price to each command

Commands & Permissions

Parties is based on 2 main commands, party and p. You can change them from config.yml. You decide what Parties will become, if you are looking for a clan plugin, just change from party to clan.
Full list of commands here.

Before start to use Parties you should setup permissions, you can find the **full permissions list here.

Are you looking for /guild or /clan?

Ask for Help

Are you looking for help? You can find me on my own Discord server or directly send me a private message on Spigot!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Parties offers a great documentation to help you to configure Parties. There you can find everything that you are looking for.
These are some examples:

How can I install Parties on Spigot/BungeeCord/Velocity?

Download some translations

API for developers


Published onApril 22, 2023