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End world feature improvements

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Hi! This plugin can catch the attention of the players and make them appreciate the dragon egg!

What can a plugin do?

  • Edit the name and description of the dragon egg according to what is specified in the config! rename
  • Show the BossBar while the player has the dragon egg in their inventory!
  • Shows the title to the player when they pick up the dragon egg!
  • With the /egg command, you can find out who last held the egg!
  • You can also edit the damage of the ender crystal! (it is applied not in hearts)


Permission Info
endtrah.* All Permissions
endtrah.op Admin-Tools (such as /reload)
endtrah.checkegg Using the /egg command


# Credits
author: https://github.com/AmokDev/EndTrah
hangar: https://hangar.papermc.io/AmokDev/EndTrah

# Additional damage to Ender Crystals (damage not in hearts)
crystal_damage: 20

# Egg name (edited when the player picks up an egg) // console formatting
eggname: 'Dragon Egg'

# Egg lore (edited when the player picks up an egg) // console formatting
  - ''
  - 'This is my custom text to dragon egg!'
  - ''
  - 'And I can edit it to my liking'
  - ''

# don`t touch this
eggowner: steve

# /egg command // console formatting
eggmsg: The last one to keep the dragon egg on the server -> 

# Title and subtitle (shown when the player has an egg in their hand) // console formatting
title: Watch out!
subtitle: You picked up a dragon egg!

# Text in BossBar (Shows as long as the egg is in the player's inventory) // console formatting
bartext: Dragon egg in inventory!

# Config Restart Custom Text // console formatting
config-restart: '[EndTrah] Config restarted!'


Published onSeptember 1, 2023

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