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Plugin that provides large library of pre-made effects for vanishing

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Plugin that provides large library of pre-made effects for vanishing

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Elevate your vanishing to new heights with AnimVanish! AnimVanish makes your vanishing look great with a large library of pre-made effects for vanishing. You can use AnimVanish to vanish in front of your server community and make it look fantastic.


We have an extensive wiki that covers all the features of the plugin. I highly suggest reading it if you have time.

Current library of effects:

  • Lightning effect (Lightning strike and optional night)
  • Particle effect
  • TNT effect (paper only)
  • NPC effect (requires Citizens)
  • Zombie effect
  • Blindness effect
  • Sound effect
  • Turn effect
  • Firework effect
  • Blood effect
  • Launch effect


For more in-depth information about permissions, please visit the wiki

animvanish.* - All permissions in one
animvanish.invis - This permission allows vanishing with all effects
animvanish.invis.other - This permission allows vanishing other players
animvanish.invis.gui - This permission allows opening the GUI
animvanish.invis.[effect] - This permissions allows vanishing with a specific effect
animvanish.reload - This permission can reload the plugin
animvanish.help - This permissions can see help for the plugin 


List of supported vanish plugins in their preferred order (The plugin will use the first one it finds):

  1. PremiumVanish
  2. SuperVanish
  3. AdvancedVanish

Additionally, you need to get Citizens for the NPC effect.


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Published onApril 22, 2023