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An envoy plugin that may or may not have great customisability, but it has great performance!

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The most powerful supply crate/envoy plugin on the market - with the greatest performance

Drop custom crates from the sky, promise, your players will really enjoy that event/fight for crates

This plugin is an attempt to make an envoy plugin with which you can run multiple envoy events at the same time, have multiple envoys that your players can start, without having to use multiple plugins for multiple events.

You can force-define locations, or you can also have the plugin random spawn crates for you!

What are envoys?

Envoys (in this context) are when "supply crates" fall from the sky!

Documentation: https://artillex-studios.gitbook.io/axenvoys/


  • Cooldowns per crate & per envoy
  • Fireworks on spawn
  • As many crates/envoys as you want
  • Messages defined / envoy
  • Command rewards
  • PlaceholderAPI Placeholders
  • Flares to start an envoy
  • Holograms! (Required DecentHolograms!)
  • Random spawns
  • Defined spawns
  • And much more (to come)!

Future plans: https://artillex-studios.gitbook.io/axenvoys/roadmap

Need help? Join our Discord! https://dc.artillex-studios.com/

Source code: https://github.com/Artillex-Studios/AxEnvoys


Published onJuly 22, 2023

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