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A lightweight permission based vault plugin that can store ANY item

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AxVaults The Ultimate Vaults Plugin

WHAT IS AXVAULTS? AxVaults is a lightweight virtual storage plugin that is dupe free by design!

GREAT PERFORMANCE The plugin is very light, it does not cause any lag

EASY TO USE The plugin is easy to use and very customizable


CUSTOMIZABLE ICONS Ability for players to select an icon for vaults

DUPE PROTECTION The plugin is 100% dupe proof by design.

SELECTOR MENU Easy way to reach vaults, supports an infinite number of pages.

PERMISSION BASED axvaults.vault.

UNLIMITED VAULTS You can give players an unlimited amount of vaults. (Technically, it is limited by the 32 bit integer limit, 2,147,483,647)

NBT SUPPORT We store items in binary, so all custom items will work. (For example crate keys, etc.)

BLACKLIST SYSTEM Ban items from being put into vaults

ADMIN COMMANDS Admins can view and modify any player's vault

OFFLINE ACCESS Admins can access vaults even when the player is offline


Player commands:

  • /axvault - Open vault selector (perm: axvaults.selector)
  • /axvault [number] - Open vault (perm: axvaults.openremote)

Admin commands:

  • /axvaultsadmin reload - Reload plugin
  • /axvaultsadmin forceopen - Open selector to a player
  • /axvaultsadmin view - View an offline/online player's vault!


  • axvaults.vault.<number> - Permission to access a certain vault, note that giving the axvaults.vault.10 permission will ONLY give the player the ability to open vault #10, not vault #2-#9 // default: 1
  • axvaults.itempicker - Ability to change the icon in the vault selector // default: true Note: *Command permissions are not mentioned here, please check Commands!

If you need Commissions, Support, or anything else https://polymart-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/c4c1d68a-653d-4ca9-a892-2df5abb3d741/default/attachment.png


Published onJanuary 28, 2024
Supports Folia

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