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BentoBox is an open source library plugin for island-style games.

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About BentoBox


BentoBox is a powerful Bukkit library plugin that provides core features for island-style games like SkyBlock, AcidIsland, SkyGrid and others. These games are added to it via its unique Addon system. Further, non-game addons can provide features across games, such as challenges or warps. This enables admins to mix and match games and features to customize their server. It also enables the same code to be run across games, reducing bugs and speeding updates across all games. For coders, BentoBox has a powerful API allows for quick and easy development of these addons and simplifies complex aspects such as island protection, GUIs, and team management.

BentoBox is free and open-source software so join us to make this platform grow, become even more powerful and popular! Admins can pay to support BentoBox and Addons via donations and sponsorship.

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These are some popular Gamemodes:

  • AcidIsland: You are marooned in a sea of acid!
  • AOneBlock: Start to play with only 1 magical block.
  • Boxed: A game mode where you are boxed into a tiny space that only expands by completing advancements.
  • BSkyBlock: The successor to the popular ASkyBlock.
  • CaveBlock: Try to live underground!
  • SkyGrid: Survive in world made up of scattered blocks - what an adventure!

All official Addons are listed here:

There are also plenty of other official or community-made Addons you can try and use for your server!



Find us on GitHub at https://bentobox.world. PR's welcome!

Bugs or Issues

File bugs on GitHub. Confused? Ask on Discord.


Published onMay 14, 2023

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