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Takes Cryptocurrencies into Minecraft

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Plugin Description:

CryptoCurrency is a groundbreaking plugin for Minecraft that introduces the exciting world of cryptocurrencies to your gameplay experience. With CryptoCurrency plugin, players can seamlessly interact with real-world digital currencies within the Minecraft universe, adding a new layer of depth and engagement to your server.


  • Real-time Crypto Prices: Plugin fetches up-to-date prices from popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Players can access accurate, real-time prices of their favorite cryptocurrencies directly within the game.
  • In-Game Trading: Through integration with the Vault plugin, CryptoCurrency allows players to buy, sell, and send cryptocurrencies to other players, enabling a dynamic in-game economy driven by digital currencies. Whether you're trading with friends or establishing your own virtual marketplace, plugin empowers players with the tools to engage in secure crypto transactions.

Step into the world of cryptocurrencies and revolutionize your Minecraft server with CryptoCurrency plugin. Embrace the future of digital assets, real-time prices, and an immersive in-game economy that empowers players to explore the potential of virtual currencies like never before.

Note: Plugin does not involve real-world financial transactions or actual ownership of cryptocurrencies. It is solely a Minecraft plugin that simulates and integrates with virtual representations of digital currencies for in-game use.

Default cryptocurrencies:

  • btc (Bitcoin)
  • eth (Ethereum)
  • usdt (Tether)

More cryptocurrencies can be added only with Premium version


  • /<crypto_name> help
  • /<crypto_name> price
  • /<crypto_name> price <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> balance
  • /<crypto_name> balance <player_name>
  • /<crypto_name> buy <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> sell <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> send <player> <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> give <player> <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> take <player> <amount>
  • /<crypto_name> reload


  • cryptocurrency.reload
  • cryptocurrency.give
  • cryptocurrency.take
  • cryptocurrency.balance


Published onApril 23, 2023

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