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Lets you join your server with a different name!


BNickExtended is more than the average Nick-Plugin. It lets you join as a different player with a new name and UUID. This is useful if you need more than just your name changed.

Whether you want to see your server as a player or need some sort of second account to check on some reported users activity, BNickExtended is the right tool for this.

BNickExtended is still in its Beta so it does not have many features

Commands & Usage

Just install the plugin as usual, no configuration needed.
More commands coming soon!

/bnickjoin <Name> [UUID]
permission: bnickextended.command.nickjoin
"Join" with the Name and UUID (Random if not provided) to the Server. If the name was already used the plugin will remember the UUID associated to it.


BNickExtended is, as the name suggests, an extended version of BNick, a plugin I originally made because I was wondering wether it would be possible to change the name and UUID of a player. After that the plugin developed into a collection of commands that all mess with a specific nms method. With BNickExtended i want to refine the commands into a more useful and safer version.


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Published onApril 28, 2023

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