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Probably the best plugin to set homes!

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Probably the best plugin to set homes!

Why should you use UltraSetHomes?

  • Stackable permissions!
  • All messages are customizable.
  • BungeeCord support!
  • UUID support (Plugin not suitable for offline/cracked servers)
  • Geyser/Floodgate support
  • Set every item in your inventory as a symbol, so you can easly differentiate between your homes
  • Beautiful GUI (information is customizable too)
  • You can decide if you want to use permissions or not
  • Configurable home limit
  • Configurable command names
  • Asyc handling
  • You can set one of your Homes as a primary Home
  • Teleportation sound & particle
  • Teleport delay
  • Cooldown for the teleport command
  • SQLite as Database (faster as json, yml...)
  • Fast Support at our Discord


  • /sethome

    • This will set a Home at your location with the given name
    • Permission: ultrasethome.use
  • /removehome

    • Removes the specified home
    • Permission: ultrasethome.use
  • /homes

    • This opens the GUI where you can find all your Homes
    • Permission: ultrasethome.use
  • /home

    • Teleports you to your primary Home
    • Permission: ultrasethome.use
  • /home

    • Teleports you to the specified home
    • Permission: ultrasethome.use
  • /homes

    • This opens the GUI where you can find all Homes of a player
    • Permission: ultrasethome.admin
  • /homes add/remove/set

    • Gives a player some extra homes. These special homes extend the homes limit of a player.
    • Permission: ultrasethome.admin
  • /homes info

    • Command to get the amount of total homes and the amount of possible extra homes from a player.
    • Permission: ultrasethome.admin
  • /ultrasethomereload

    • This command will reload the config. No restart required after you made changes.
    • Permission: ultrasethome.admin
  • /importhomes essentials

    • This command will import all homes from essentials!
    • Permission: ultrasethome.admin


  • If you open the GUI it will show you all your Homes.
  • If you left click a Home it will teleport you there.
  • If you right click a Home it opens the settings where you can change the following:
    • change the location of the home
    • make the home primary
    • delete your home
    • change the symbol of your home


You can enable the permissions in the config. If permisssions are enabled players can not use any command until you add them the needed permissions.

  • You have to add the use permission (so players can use the commands from above)

  • ultrasethome.use

  • You have to add a limit permission TOO:

  • ultrasethome.limit.5 would allow to create 5 Homes

  • ultrasethome.limit.* would allow to create the number of homes defined in the config (default 54)

  • You can bypass the teleport cooldown with:

  • ultrasethome.cooldown.bypass


If you want to use this plugin over multiple servers then you just have to deaktivate SQLite and activate MySQL in the config! Don't put this Plugin in the BungeeCord plugins folder!

WorldGuard Flags

  • ush-commands

  • Players will not be able to use any command

  • ush-create-homes

  • Players will not be able to create a home or to change the location of a home

I would be glad if you leave a rating or review. :)

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Published onApril 22, 2023

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