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Atomatic backup plugin with good customization


Simple backup plugin for Paper/Folia

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Version numbers changing


  • X - Changing X number means some breaking changes without backward compatibility. This means that before switching to this version you should check the Incompatible version changes paragraph
  • Y - Changing Y number means that the version contains significant changes with backward compatibility
  • Z - Changing Z number means that the version contains minor changes or improvements with backward compatibility
  • A - Changing A number means that the version contains bugfixes or security/stability improvements. Usually these are hotfixes

Incompatible version changes

1.x.x - 2.x.x

  • Fully changed permission system. Check the Permissions section to see the changes
  • Fully changed command naming. Check the Commands section to see changes

How to use

  1. Install into your plugins folder
  2. Start the server
  3. Change config.yml (plugins/Backuper/config.yml)
  4. Restart the server

By default, backups will be stored in (plugins/Backuper/Backups)

How does automatic backup work?

  • If backupTime option in config.yml is not set to -1

    • Backups will occur every day at the time specified in backupTime, regardless of backupPeriod
  • If backupTime option in config.yml is set to -1

    • First backup will happen at the server start
    • Next backups will happen after backupPeriod


  • Auto backup - (true/false) - Enables automatic backups once at a specified interval (when disabled, backups will only run on the /backuper backup command)

  • Backups folder - (Path) - Full path to folder, where backups will be stored

  • Add directory to backup - (List of paths) - Full directory paths to backup (Worlds will be backed up automatically, so you do not need to specify world folders there) (For example you can specify "plugins", "config")

  • Exclude Directory From Backup - (List of paths) - Full directory paths to exclude from backup. If you want to backup everything from the folder1 except some folder1/file1 you can specify folder1 in addDirectoryToBackup and folder1/file1 in excludeDirectoryFromBackup. (The backupsFolder directory will be excluded automatically to prevent the loop)

  • After backup - (NOTHING/STOP/RESTART) - What will the server do after an automatic backup

  • backup time - (0 - 23 or -1) - Fixed backup time. Automatic backups will be made at this time every day. (backupPeriod will be automatically set to 24 hours). -1 to disable backup time fixation

  • Backup period - (>= 1 Minutes or -1) - The period after which the server will make automatic backups (To change this value you need to set backupTime to -1 and autoBackup to true)

  • Skip duplicate backup - (true/false) - Backup will only occur if the world has been changed since the last backup. If the world has not been changed, this backup cycle will be skipped. AfterBackup will be executed anyway

  • Max backup number - (>= 1 or 0) - Maximum number of backups to be kept (0 - unlimited)

  • Max backup weight - (>= 1 or 0) - Maximum weight of backups that will be stored (MB) (0 - unlimited)

  • Zip archive - (true/false) - Do you want to store backups in ZIP archives?

  • Alert time before restart - (>= 1 Seconds or -1) - A notification about the server restart will be sent to all players on the server alertTimeBeforeRestart seconds before the restart. -1 to disable notifications

  • Alert only server restart - (true/false) - Notifications will be sent only if the server will be restarted or stopped after the backup

  • Better logging - (true/false) - Enable logging of additional information (used for debugging, you probably don't need it)

  • Not set read only - (true/false) - The backuper marks all world folders as Read Only to prevent folder changing that may cause the backup crash. To disable this feature set this option to true


  • /backuper backup <stopRestartServer> - Command to backup the server manually, argument means what the server will do after restart. The stopRestartServer argument can be STOP or RESTART, also you can use it without an argument

  • /backuper backup <delay> <stopRestartServer> - Command to backup the server manually with a delay (delay in seconds > 0). stopRestartServer argument is the same as in command above and it is also optional

  • /backuper list - Command to view the list of backups (click on a backup to open its menu)

  • /backuper menu <backupName> - Command to open the menu of the specified backup (can be opened by clicking on the specified backup in /backuper list)

  • /backuper menu <backupName> toZIP - Command to convert the specified backup to a ZIP archive (can be used by clicking on the [TO ZIP] option in /backuper menu <backupName>)

  • /backuper menu <backupName> unZIP - Command to convert the specified backup from a ZIP archive to a folder (can be used by clicking on the [UNZIP] option in /backuper menu <backupName>)

  • /backuper menu <backupName> delete - Command to delete the specified backup (can be used by clicking on the [DELETE] option in /backuper menu <backupName>)

  • /backuper config reload - Command to reload the config file

  • /backuper status - Command to get the current progress of a task


  • backuper.backup - Permission to use /backuper backup command without the stopRestartServer argument

  • backuper.backup.stop - Permission to use /backuper backup command with the STOP argument (backuper.backup permission required)

  • backuper.backup.restart - Permission to use /backuper backup command with the RESTART argument (backuper.backup permission required)

  • backuper.list - Permission to use /backuper list and /backuper menu commands

  • backuper.list.tozip - Permission to convert backups to a ZIP archive (backuper.list permission required)

  • backuper.list.unzip - Permission to convert backups from a ZIP archive to a folder (backuper.list permission required)

  • backuper.list.delete - Permission to delete backups (backuper.list permission required)

  • backuper.config.reload - Permission to use /backuper config reload command (backuper.config permission required)

  • backuper.status - Permission to use /backuper status command


  • Please report any issues to GitHub
  • RESTART option may not work well, so it's better to use STOP with a loop in your start script (start script auto restart ON)
  • You can reset the backup time if it is broken and your backupTime is set to -1 by changing lastBackup to 0. Then the next backup will happen at the server start and the next ones will happen after backupPeriod


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onApril 24, 2023
Supports Folia

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