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Simple plugin to randomize player spawn point. Suitable for Normal Survival as well as Hardcore/Anarchy server!


DeathGOD7 released this version: October 13, 2023

Added requested features, updated project structure, and cleaned some codes

[New Config] (No need to re-generate new config file)

  • Only "version:x.y.z" is added in config for future debugging. (you can manually add it by copy-pasting from config in README.md file)

[New Feature]

  • Added 2 more permissions nodes ("unexpectedspawn.use.reload" and "unexpectedspawn.use.randomtp")
  • Added permission to default command in plugin.yml so normal players won't access tab-complete commands if they don't have the required permission
  • Added 2 more commands "/uns help <subcommand>" and "/uns randomtp <args>"

[Bug Fix/Update]

  • Firstly, changed from the original package name to the new one since Shivelight domain was down. ("id.shivelight.paper.unexpectedspawn" is now "com.github.deathgod7.unexpectedspawn")
  • Secondly, rewrote the codes to be clean and nice... (Moved a bunch of stuff from events class to utils class)
  • Thirdly, bumped the version from 0.3.1 => 1.0.0 (The first major version release as it's stable enough) and we will be following the SemVer version style
  • Migrated the Reload.java class to new MainCommand.java and added CommandHandler.java to make it easy to add more commands in the future if needed
  • Migrated the Spawn.java class to new EventHandler.java as a part of making it "nice"
  • Random respawn in Nether works correctly for both the respawn/join event and the rtp command now.
  • And some humor in debug logs as well as minor license info changes

Full Changelog: 0.3.1 -> 1.0.0


Published onOctober 13, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.2)


Paper Paper

  • Multiverse-Core (Optional)