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Simple plugin to randomize player spawn point. Suitable for Normal Survival as well as Hardcore/Anarchy server!


Simple plugin to randomize player spawn point. Suitable for Normal Survival as well as Hardcore/Anarchy server!

Download the jar and put it in your plugins folder.


  • Spawn player randomly.
  • You can limit the random coordinates.
  • You can set when the player should be spawned randomly:
    - Don't respawn randomly if they have a bed/anchor.
    - Respawn randomly only on new player/first-join.
    - Respawn randomly on join.
  • Global and per-world configuration.
  • World blacklist.
  • Spawn block blacklist.


  • /unexpectedspawn - Shows version
    • Alias: /uns
    • Permission: unexpectedspawn.use
  • /unexpectedspawn reload - Reload configuration settings.
    • Alias: /uns reload
    • Permission: unexpectedspawn.use.reload
  • /unexpectedspawn randomtp - Performs the random teleport
    • Alias: /uns rtp
    • Permission: unexpectedspawn.use.randomtp


  • unexpectedspawn.use (Allows user to do /uns to view plugin info) Default : OP
  • unexpectedspawn.use.reload (Allows user to do /uns reload) Default : OP
  • unexpectedspawn.use.randomtp (Allows user to do /uns randomtp|rtp <args>) Default : OP
  • unexpectedspawn.notify (Notifies user about their death location) Default : OP
  • unexpectedspawn.bypass (Bypasses the random respawn or random join checks. Uses vanilla method) Default : OP

Settings are easy, check out the config.yml in plugins/UnexpectedSpawn folder.

# UnexpectedSpawn
# Authors : DeathGOD7, Shivelight
version: '1.0.0'

  # Random respawn area for global settings.
  x-max: 399
  x-min: -399
  z-max: 399
  z-min: -399

  # Fail radius expansion if normal x and z area failed to obtain suitable block or location
  fail-radius: 500

  # Sets the global respawn world unless set in custom config worlds.
  respawn-world: 'world'

  # Do you want to have random respawn than normal world respawn? By default it is enabled in all worlds. If you want to
  # disable it in specific world, then add that world name in below 'blacklisted-worlds'.
    # Do you want to have random respawn after user dies? If set to false then user will respawn in world spawnpoint.
    # or bed/respawn anchor spawnpoint.
    on-death: true
    # Checks if bed respawn is taken priority. If set to false then it will force user to random respawn
    # even if they have bed respawn point when they die.
    bed-respawn-enabled: true
    # Do you want to have random spawn when user joins for first time to prevent grief in spawn chunks? If set to false
    # then user will spawn in default world spawnpoint.
    on-first-join: false
    # Enable this if you want to have random respawn each time user joins the server. It's best for Anarchy type server.
    always-on-join: false

  # Invert the blacklist to whitelist
  invert-block-blacklist: false

  # Specify any block where you don't want user to be teleported. You don't them to drown in lava/water or land on
  # someone else campfire, no?
    - LAVA
    - WATER
    - CACTUS
    - FIRE

# If no worlds are specified, it will use global/default variables. Default Config (worlds: [])
# If you have added any world below, it will override the global settings.
# If it got missing parameters that is in global settings like "spawn-block-blacklist"
# but not in worlds world parameters then it will use global parameters.
# All the features are same as global ones.
# Please change "survival" to the name of your world and remove [] if you want to add worlds.

worlds: []
#  survival:
#    x-max: 500
#    x-min: -500
#    z-max: 500
#    z-min: -500
#    fail-radius: 1000
#    respawn-world: ''
#    random-respawn:
#      on-death: true
#      bed-respawn-enabled: true
#      on-first-join: false
#      always-on-join: false

# If you have any worlds here , then it will be excluded from having random spawn
# Even if you have set custom settings in above settings and you add that world to
# blacklist, it will be excluded. Default :[]
blacklisted-worlds: []
#  - bedwars
#  - creative

debug : false

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Published onJune 21, 2023

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