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Control any worlds mechanics!

Allow or block any world mechanics in plugin menus:

categories and triggers * Screenshots were taken on an older version of the plugin. The full list of triggers can be found after installing the plugin and using the /pc command

Commands: (/pc = /physicscontrol)

/pc - open PC menu
/pc - switch trigger in current world (players only)
/pc - switch trigger in world
/pc reload - reload PC configs
/pc update - install latest plugin version (only for console)


physicscontrol.open-menu - open PC Menu
physicscontrol.trigger.* - switch any triggers
physicscontrol.trigger.name - switch trigger "name"
physicscontrol.announce - receive messages: on triggers switching by any players; on unknown action detected
physicscontrol.reload - reload PC configs


config.yml - all triggers states
messages.yml - localization

Action "something" was detected?

This means that an action occurred in the world that the plugin could not recognize. In this case, you should report this to Git. After that, you can disable debug messages and allow unrecognized actions, if necessary.

Supported versions:

Support for 1.8-1.20.4 is tested, but with high probability the plugin will work on newer versions as well.


Java 8+
Spigot / Paper / Purpur / Pufferfish server

Supported languages:

auto - create language files using system locale
en - English
ru - Russian
You can also always modify the localization files to suit your needs.

Want to help with adding other language to plugin?
PM me on SpigotMC or create pull request on Git.

Suggestions - disable redstone lamp updating
- disable TNT gravity when it is activated: PRIMED_TNT_GRAVITY (1.13+) и PRIMED_TNT_COLLISION (1.13+)
- disable doors physics
- disable grass/flowers/saplings getting destroyed when breaking the block below it
- stop note block updating when a block is down
Known bugs - Versions 1.13 and1.13.1 is not supported (but 1.13.2 supports normally)
- Building triggers for versions 1.12 and below are not supported
- Moisture level of farmlands changes on 1.12 and lower (on disabled famland drying trigger)
- With the FROSTED_ICE_PHYSICS trigger disabled, cracks on ice blocks still appear
- It is impossible to trample farmlands if the drying of farmlands is disabled
- On older versions of MC, the farmland texture is not displayed correctly

Statistics: https://bstats.org/signatures/bukkit/PhysicsControl.svg


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Published onOctober 22, 2023

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