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Make the creation of item display entities more convenient

Asteria is a simple plugin to make the creation and management of Item Display Entities easier.


  • Edit transformations using simple commands
  • Save item displays (including transformations) and re-use them later
  • Pick up and move item display entities for easy positioning.
  • Support for /execute as well as data pack functions.
  • Folia support.
  • All commands have full tab-completion and argument hints thanks to the use of CommandAPI


An in-game help is available too: /as help. For command arguments, simply use the tab completion.

  • /as create - Creates a new item display, using the ItemStack in your hand if applicable.
  • /as billboard - Changes the billboard mode of the entity.
  • /as select - Select an entity for editing.
  • /as info - Shows information about the currently selected entity.
  • /as item - Changes the displayed Item. Optional argument to provide NBT-Data using vanilla syntax.
  • /as scale - Scales the selected entity.
  • /as translate - Translates the selected entity.
  • /as rotate - Rotates the selected entity.
  • /as delete - Deletes the currently selected entity.
  • /as save - Saves the current entity
  • /as list - Lists all saved item display entities.
  • /as spawn - Spawns a previously saved entity.
  • /as move - Moves the currently selected entity.
  • /as pickup - Picks the currently selected entity up, so it follows player movement.


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onApril 25, 2023
Supports Folia

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