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Provide files opperations ingame as if Minecraft console was an ssh console

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Minecraft plugin to have ssh commands ingame.

I created this plugin to be able to copy a folder on my Minecraft server without having ssh access to the server. The normal way to copy a directory with ftp or sftp access is to download it and send it back. It's a terrible way to do it, and take ages to do with big folders.

The aims of this plugin is to provide as much file edition command as possible. If some commands are missing feel free to open a request issue or to send a pull request (both is better).

All commands have tab completion with existing files and directories when it's uefull.

Support Paper forks including Folia for version 1.18 to last. (See version compatibility in releases) Older version than 1.18 won't be supported.


Download last release .jar file and place it in your server directory plugins/.

Write /ssh ... ingame to see all available commands. Each command have a shortcut.

For example if you want to make a save of your world do /cp world worldSave or /zip world world.zip


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Go to GitHub and follow build instruction


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onApril 15, 2024
Supports Folia

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