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Experience the ultimate teleportation system with our powerful and user-friendly portal plugin.

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  • 3 types of portals :

    • Targeted : go on the portal to open a menu and select the portal you'd like to teleport to.
    • Roulette : go on the portal and teleport to another random roulette portal.
    • Cosmic : go on the portal and teleport at a random location. (Can cause lag if the map isn't preloaded, to reduce lag you can decrease the teleportation range whithin the "settings.yml" file)
  • Name your portals

  • Authorization system via menu to chose who can use your portal.

  • View all portals within the main menu, you can either remove them, teleport to them, or name them. (/ap menu)

  • Holograms that display the charge progress

  • Click turrets to view specific information.

  • Cool-downs after using a portal.

  • Configuarable in the "settings.yml" file.

  • Cross-World compatibility.

  • Buy portals

  • Inbuilt economy system that supports MySQL. (You may also use Vault instead. However, if you do use Vault you will need an economy plugin such as EssentialsX).


Cosmic portal

Targeted portal

Roulette portal


  • /ap (see the plugins version and get the discord invite link for support)
  • /ap help (view all commands and their descriptions)
  • /ap menu (opens a menu to view all portals with customization features)
  • /ap authorize (opens a menu to authorize who can use your portals)
  • /ap tool {player} (give a portal tool to yourself or another player.) (Opens a menu with the tools if you don't specify a type)
  • /ap give {player} (give portals to yourself or another player) (Types: roulette, cosmic, targeted)
  • /ap buy (buy a specific portal depending on the price that was set in the config)
  • /ap balance <get/set/give/take> {player} {amount} (manage the players balance with Vault or with the inbult economy system)
  • /ap reload (reload configuration)
  • /ap permissions (view all permissions)


  • portal.command.menu (/ap menu)
  • portal.command.authorize (/ap authorize)
  • portal.command.balance (/ap balance)
  • portal.command.buy (/ap buy)
  • portal.command.tool (/ap tool)
  • portal.command.give (/ap give)
  • portal.command.reload (/ap reload)
  • portal.command.perms (/ap perms)


Requirements :

Optional :

  • Vault and an economy plugin (EssentialsX) to replace the inbult economy system
  1. Stop your server.
  2. Download both AnchorPortals and DecentHolograms and upload it to your plugins folder.
  3. Start or restart your server and an AnchorPortals folder should be created.
  4. Open the "settings.yml" file and edit it to your needs.


  1. Use the "/ap tools" to open a menu with all the available types of portals. Take a tool and you can start creating portals by clicking a specific block. If you wish to remove the portal you can click on the portal while holding the portal tool.
  2. To use a portal you can simply walk on it and it'll perform an action depending on the type of portal you stood on.
  3. If you wish to name your portal, you can do this by using the "/ap menu" command and select the portal you would like to name.
  4. You can check the id of a specific portal by clicking it, this will allow you to know which portal you're interacting with.
  5. After testing out the plugin you can modify the settings file and see what changes you'd like to make.

Feedback & Support

If you have any questions, suggestions, or encounter a bug, please contact me on our discord server.

It would also be much appreciated if you could write a review for this plugin.

Your donation, no matter how small, would greatly aid in the continued improvement of this plugin.


Published onAugust 16, 2023

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