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This plugin allows you to create fully customisable turrets to defend your land and attack targets!

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LaserTurrets [1.8 - 1.20]

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These turrets are very customizable, you can create as many levels as you want, and you can modify their properties such as range, health, loot drops, power and more!
The turrets also come with a blacklist that allows the owner to modify what mobs and players the turret will target!

  • 3 types of turrets (fireball, beam, arrow) (more coming soon!)
  • Turrets are fully customizable within our menu system
  • Create an infinite amount of customisable levels for your turrets
  • Configurable ammo!
  • Support for holograms (no dependencies required) !
  • Shop to allow players to buy turret tools
  • Inbuilt economy system that supports MySQL. (You may also use Vault instead. However, if you do use Vault you will need an economy plugin such as EssentialsX).
  • Mob and player blacklist/whitelist, choose your allies (configurable for each turret via menu)
  • Configure default turret settings via menus
  • Turret creation annimation
  • Take turrets back to your inventory
  • Damage indicator (when hitting a turret)
  • Turret limitor (prevent your server from getting overloaded with turrets)
  • Broken turrets (0 health) can be looted (right click turret) and they can either be destroyed or repaired by their owner.
  • The owner of the turret can upgrade and manage allies by right-clicking the turret.
  • This plugin is fully transalatable including the messages in the GUIs !
  • Edit the head texture of turrets using base64 values (Custom Heads). You can find custom turret head textures in our discord server too.
  • Turret attributes (configurable via menu) :
    • Range
    • Health
    • Loot drops (claimable when destroyed)
    • Enable/disable laser pointer
    • Laser pointer damage (optionnal if enabled)
    • Price (to upgrade or to buy a turret)
    • Blacklist or whitelist (choose your allies)

Arrow Turret
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Beam Turret
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Fireball Turret
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Turret Creation Animation
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Editing Turrets (Main Menu)
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Turret Owner Menu (Right-click Turret)
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Take & Place Turret (/lt take)
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  • /lt (see the plugins version and get the discord invite link)

  • /lt help (view all commands with their description)

  • /laserturrets menu (opens the main menu to view all turrets and edit them specificaly)

  • /laserturrets settings (opens the settings menu that allows you to edit the default properties a turret will have when created)

  • /laserturrets allies (opens a menu to allow players to set their personnal allies)

  • /laserturrets balance <get/set/give/take> {player} {amount} (manage the players balance with Vault or with the inbult economy system)

  • /laserturrets take {id} (take a turret back to your inventory by its id or by looking at it while performing the command)

  • /laserturrets remove {id} (remove an existing turret by its id or by looking at it while performing the command)

  • /laserturrets buy <turret|ammo> (buy turrets or ammo directly)

  • /laserturrets give <turret|ammo> {amount} {player} (give turrets or ammo to yourself or another player) (Types: arrow_turret, fireball_turret, beam_turret)

  • /laserturrets tool {player} (give a turret tool to yourself or another player.)

  • /laserturrets turret <remove/take> {id} (remove or take a turret by its id or by looking at it when performing the command)

  • /laserturrets shop (opens a menu that allows players to buy turrets)

  • /laserturrets reload (reload the configuration)

  • /laserturrets permissions (view all permissions)

  • turret.command.menu (/lt menu)

  • turret.command.balance (/lt balance)

  • turret.command.shop (/lt shop)

  • turret.command.settings (/lt settings)

  • turret.command.allies (/lt allies)

  • turret.command.reload (/lt reload)

  • turret.command.perms (/lt perms)

  • turret.command.tool (/lt tool)

  • turret.command.give (/lt give)

  • turret.command.buy (/lt buy)

  • turret.command.take (/lt take)

  • turret.command.remove (/lt remove)

  1. Download the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder.
  2. You may optionaly use Vault although it isn't needed because this plugin has an inbuilt economy system. However if you do use Vault you will also need an economy plugin such as EssentialsX.
  3. Start or restart your server and a LaserTurrets folder should be created.
  4. Open the "settings.yml" file and edit it to your needs.

  1. Use the "/lt settings" command, this will open a menu that will allow you to edit your default turret settings. Make sure to hover over the nether star to view the description of the menu and edit the turret settings to your needs.
  2. Use the "/lt tools" command to open a menu that contains turret tools. Take a tool from the menu and you can start creating turrets by clicking a specific block. If you wish to remove a turret, click the turret while holding the turret tool in your hand.
  3. To upgrade the turret or edit the mob and player allies, right-click the turret (make sure your not holding a turret tool).
  4. If you lack coins to upgrade your turret, you can use the "/laserturrets balance give {player} {amount}" command and give yourself the amount of coins you need.
  5. If you aren't pleased with your turret properties, you can edit them specifically by using the "/lt menu" command and click the turret you would like to modifie.

Common issues:

  • If you're having trouble removing holograms above turrets, use this command "/minecraft:kill@e[type=minecraft:armor_stand]".

Ally compatibility:

  • Towny
  • KindomsX
  • Lands
  • UltimateClans
  • SimpleClans
  • BetterTeams
  • SaberFactions
  • Konquest
  • Residence

Territory compatibility:

  • WorldGuard
  • Konquest
  • Residence
  • Towny
  • SaberFactions
  • FactionsUUID
  • Lands
  • KingdomsX

Vault + Economy plugin





--- ## Feedback & Support --- #### If you have any questions, suggestions, or encounter a bug, please contact me on our [discord server](https://discord.gg/Ubk3pE3). #### It would also be much appreciated if you could write a review for this plugin. #### Your [donation](https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/JackBikar), no matter how small, would greatly aid in the continued improvement of this plugin.


Published onAugust 3, 2023

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