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View and edit inventories of your players! Works for offline players! Now with give/clear commands!

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A bukkit plugin for manipulating player inventories. This plugin will still work when target players are offline, even when they have never been on the server.


  • View and edit other players' inventories and enderchests.
  • Includes players' armour contents and off-hand items.
  • Includers players' crafting/workbench/anvil/smithing table/stonecutter/grindstone/loom/enchanting table/merchant items.
  • Includes the item stack that players hold on their cursor.
  • Auto-reloading of spectator inventories when players relog.
  • Customisable inventory layouts and titles.
  • Simple yet extensive application programming interface. Works on CraftBukkit (and forks) as well as Glowstone.
    • Support for hybrid servers (Forge/Bukkit, Fabric/Bukkit) is available.
    • Does not work on Folia (yet: #58).
  • (Optional) integration with PerWorldInventory.
  • [Addon] Give items to (offline) players via commands.
  • [Addon] Clear items out of (offline) players' inventories via commands.

Running the plugin

Just drop the InvSee++.jar file in your server's /plugins folder.


  • /invsee <userName>|<uniqueId> [PWI{...}]
  • /endersee <userName>|<uniequeId> [PWI{...}] Note that for integration with PerWorldInventory, load-data-on-join needs to be set to true in its config.


Base permissions:
  • invseeplusplus.invsee.view allows access to /invsee. By default only for server operators.
  • invseeplusplus.invsee.edit allows the player to manipulate the target player's inventory. By default only for server operators.
  • invseeplusplus.endersee.view allows access to /endersee. By default only for server operators.
  • invseeplusplus.endersee.edit allows the player to manipulate the target player's enderchest. By default only for server operators.
  • invseeplusplus.exempt.invsee makes it impossible to spectate the inventory of the owner of this permission.
  • invseeplusplus.exempt.endersee makes it impossible to spectate the enderchest of the owner of this permission.
  • invseeplusplus.bypass-exempt.invsee ignore whether target players are exempted from having their inventory spectated
  • invseeplusplus.bypass-exempt.endersee ignore whether target players are exempted from having their enderchest spectated
Aggregate permissions:
  • invseeplusplus.view provides invseeplusplus.invsee.view and invseeplusplus.endersee.view.
  • invseeplusplus.edit provides invseeplusplus.invsee.edit and invseeplusplus.endersee.edit.
  • invseeplusplus.exempt provides invseeplusplus.exempt.invsee and invseeplusplus.exempt.endersee.
  • invseeplusplus.bypass-exempt provides invseeplusplus.bypass-exempt.invsee and invseeplusplus.bypass-exempt.endersee.
  • invseeplusplus.* provides all eight of the base permissions as well as all of the addon permissions.



  • /invgive <target player> <item type> [<amount>] [<nbt tag>]
  • /endergive <target player> <item type> [<amount>] [<nbt tag>]

On 1.20.4 an earlier:

  • /invgive Notch diamond 1 {"foo":"bar"}
  • /endergive Jannyboy11 wool:14

On 1.20.5 and later:

  • /invgive Jannyboy11 minecraft:emerald[minecraft:max_stack_size=99] 65
  • invseeplusplus.give.* provides invseeplusplus.give.inventory and invseeplusplus.give.enderchest.
  • invseeplusplus.give.inventory allows access to /invgive.
  • invseeplusplus.give.enderchest allows access to /endergive.


  • /invclear <player> <item type>? <amount>?
  • /enderclear <player> <item type>? <amount>?
  • /invclear Notch diamond 1
  • /enderclear Jannyboy11 wool:14
  • invseeplusplus.clear.* provides invseeplusplus.clear.inventory and invseeplusplus.clear.enderchest.
  • invseeplusplus.clear.inventory allows access to /invclear.
  • invseeplusplus.clear.enderchest allows access to /enderclear.


This plugin collects anonymous metrics which are submitted to bStats. They help me to see how the plugin is used and thus with future development. This feature can be disabled in the /plugins/bstats/config.yml file.


Bugs & Feature requests: GitHub issues Anything else can be discussed via the discussion thread on SpigotMC or via Discord.

Developers API

Documentation available on the wiki!


Special thanks to Icodak for making the plugin's logo! You can find them on Discord and on SpigotMC.


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Published onAugust 7, 2023