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Automatically pickup blocks that you mine! If a block drops XP you get that too!

Report AutoPickup?

**Be sure to check the config for any changes when updating for the plugin to work properly!

  • /auto - autopickup.pickup.mined (Enables auto pickup)

  • /auto reload - autopickup.admin (Reloads config)

  • /autodrops - autopickup.pickup.entities (Mob drops)

  • /autosmelt - autopickup.pickup.mined.autosmelt (Auto Smelt)

  • autopickup.pickup.mined.autoenabled (Automatically enables when a player joins the server)

  • autopickup.pickup.entities.autoenabled (Automatically enables when a player joins the server)

  • autopickup.pickup.mined.autosmelt.autoenabled (Automatically enables when a player joins the server)

**I recommend using LuckPerms as a permission plugin!


  • Automatically pickup blocks & exp

  • Supports mob drops & entity exp

  • Auto smelt for blocks

  • Stays enabled on relog/server restart

  • Custom Messages (Hex Support)

  • Hex Example: &#00AAFF

  • Disable permissions

  • PAPI Placeholders

  • bStats

  • Dev Builds

  • Support Discord


ConfigVersion: 1.2

#Message Prefix
msgPrefix: "&8[&5Auto&d&oPickup&8]"

#Toggle Message - /auto
msgAutoPickupEnable: "&7You have&a enabled &7auto pickup."
msgAutoPickupDisable: "&7You have&c disabled &7auto pickup."

#Toggle Message - /autosmelt
msgAutoSmeltEnable: "&7You have&a enabled &7auto smelt."
msgAutoSmeltDisable: "&7You have&c disabled &7auto smelt."

#Toggle Message - /drops
msgAutoMobDropsEnable: "&7You have&a enabled &7auto drops."
msgAutoMobDropsDisable: "&7You have&c disabled &7auto drops."

#Aditional toggling messages
msgAutoEnable: "&7Auto pickup has been automatically&a enabled&7."
doAutoEnableMSG: true
msgEnabledJoinMSG: "&7Auto pickup has been automatically&a enabled&7."
doEnabledOnJoinMSG: true

#reload Config Message
msgReload: "&cReloaded Config"

#Fully Inventory Message
msgFullInv: "&7Your inventory is full!"
doFullInvMSG: true

#This is most useful for prison servers! -- This setting is not normally recommended
#This feature voids any extra blocks broken when /auto is enabled and the inventory is full!
voidOnFullInv: false

#Plase does not have permission
msgNoperms: "&cYou don't have permission to use this command"

#Require Permissions | Do players require permission to run commands?
  autopickup: true
  auto-reload: true

# Discord: https://discord.gg/ncHH4FP                                                                       #
# Material Names: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html                         #
# Entity Names: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/entity/EntityType.html                  #

#Set to "true" if you would like to enable the blacklist
doBlacklisted: false
doBlacklistedEntities: true

#By listing blocks below you are adding them to the blacklist therefore causing them to drop to the ground.
  - DIRT
  - SAND


  - example
default config
youtube video



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Published onApril 22, 2023

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