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Create fancy looking holograms with the new 1.19.4 text display entities.

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Oliver released this version: June 30, 2023


Version Implementations

FancyHolograms is now compatible with multiple versions in one jar!

Currently the following versions are supported:

  • 1.19.4
  • 1.20
  • 1.20.1


  • Text alignment command - You can now change how the text should be aligned (left, center, right)
  • Full Documentation
    • All exposed classes are now fully documented.
  • Data Decoupling
    • All data for the hologram is now decoupled from the hologram and its implementations
    • Data can be updated without directly modifying the hologram entity
  • Simplified Modification Process
    • Data modifications on the hologram now happen in steps
      • update hologram data
      • update hologram
      • push changes to players
  • Enhanced Eventing
    • The hologram update event now exposes both old and new data
    • Hologram events
      • HologramCreateEvent -> HologramCreateEvent
      • HologramRemoveEvent -> HologramDeleteEvent
      • HologramModifyEvent -> HologramUpdateEvent
      • HologramSpawnEvent -> HologramShowEvent
      • +HologramHideEvent
  • Hologram Data
    • Background Color
      • Now accepts hex color codes
      • Now accepts reset or default to return to the original background color
    • Text Update Interval
      • Now accepts never or off or none to disable updating
      • Now accepts second and minute units, ex. 10s instead of 200
    • Hologram Position
      • Now accepts relative coordinates
        • Can be relative to the hologram's current location using ~
        • Can be relative to the player's current location using ~~
  • Command Completions
    • Intelligently suggests only relevant options

There might accure errors while updating from a previous version and you might have to remake all holograms.

If you found any bug, please report them (create an issue or go to the discord server).


Published onJune 30, 2023


Paper Paper (1.19.4-1.20.1)