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HyperVision is a simple modern plugin that allows players to toggle their nightvision on or off with a simple command.

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HyperVision is a simple modern plugin that allows players to toggle their nightvision on or off with a simple command. You are also able to enable or disable all the features easily inside the config.yml. All the messages are also fully customizable.

For further information about this plugin, please see the wiki. Where you are able to find all the in depth information about HyperVision, all the commands and permissions as well.


Below you can find all the different features that I've implemented into the plugin. If you have any features that you're wanting added to this plugin. Please send me a feature request via the issues page, as that allows me to keep track of all the suggestions in one location.

Feature Description
Toggle Nightvision Allows the user to toggle nightvision for themselves or other players.
Keep NightVision on Login Allows the user to keep their nightvision when they login/logout.
Keep Nightvision on Death Allows the user to keep their nightvision on death.
Enable/disable Potion Effects Allows the user to enable or disable the icon, ambient particles and normal particles effects from when they activate nightvision.
List all players with nightvision Generate a list of all the online players who currently have nightvision enabled
Blindness after Nightvision over use Determine how long they can use nightvision before they get blinded (Blindness will take effect after nightvision is removed)
Limit command usage Apply a configurable limit to how many times a player can use the nightvision command to enable nightvision

Installation, Updating


When it comes to installing the plugin, Simply drop the HyperVision-[version number].jar into your paper servers plugin folder and then start your server.


Updating is very easy, all you're needing to do is download the new version of the plugin and replace the old version in your plugins folder.

I have implemented an Auto Config Updater that will automatically update all the files if I have changed them in any way.


If at any stage you come across a sneaky bug that I was unable to locate during testing please do not hesitate to get in contact with me so I am able to squash it quickly for you. When you are finding yourself in need to contact me about any of my plugins, if it is relating to a bug, please try and provide as much detail as possible, including server version, plugin version and the steps taken to get the bug. This allows me to focus on the bug a lot quicker and allows me to get an update released sooner in order to resolve the bug.


Join my Discord

I have spent some time setting up a discord server that you are welcome to join at any time. Here you are able to seek help, have a chat, be informed of any updates or announcements and just be apart of a great community. You can join the community or invite your friends to the discord community by using this link: https://discord.gg/9nZTPcp

Lastly, I would like to say Thank you for supporting my plugins and supporting me as a developer. While I am still somewhat new to plugin development I try to provide the best support and the best plugins for you guys (and girls). Again, Thank you.


Published onJanuary 17, 2023

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