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Simple world management alternative to multiverse

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SolarSystem is a world management tool for Bukkit/Spigot (at the moment). We compared different aspects of the galaxy with things you interact with in this plugin. The worlds you can import, delete, unload and so on are planets in that SolarSystem.

As you might know, asteriods may have killed all dinosaurs on planet earth, in our plugin, the asteriods are players who can delete, create and import worlds as well and more.


SolarSystem should not only be another world manager, we want to make this plugin platform independent, free to use and transparent so that everyone can benefit from its development. With future development the gathered user experience from the past of Multiverse and other world management tools can be unified with SolarSystem in order to make it more easy to import multiverse settings/worlds and command input as lean as it should be for almost everyone.


Our focus lies within a basic implementation of SolarSystem, its core and reaching the goal of stable builds to use it in production later on.

Supported Features

  • Creation of worlds
  • Loading of worlds
  • Delete of worlds
  • Import of worlds
  • Unload of worlds
  • Fancy help command
  • List of worlds
  • Remove of worlds
  • Changing gamerules of worlds


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Published onMarch 11, 2023

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