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Cross-Server Messaging Platform for Velocity with API and LuckPerms integration.

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# Plugin Settings
enabled = true
luckperms-integration = true # If luckperms is found, use luckperms prefixes and suffixes.
miniplaceholders-integration = true # If miniplaceholders is present, you can use the MiniPlaceholders placeholders in the messages.
allow-self-message-sending = true # Allow a player to send messages to themselves.

# Customise messages using MiniMessage
# Documentation: https://docs.adventure.kyori.net/minimessage.html#format or https://webui.adventure.kyori.net/
# Default Placeholders: <sender>, <sender_prefix>, <sender_suffix>, <sender_group>, <sender_server>, <receiver>, <receiver_prefix>, <receiver_suffix>, <receiver_group>, <receiver_server>, <message>
# You may use MiniPlaceholders placeholders if the respective integration option is enabled.
# Preview: https://webui.adventure.kyori.net/?mode=chat_closed&input=%3Cwhite%3E%5B%3Ccolor%3A%23FFCE45%3EYOU%3C%2Fcolor%3E%20%E2%86%92%20%3Ccolor%3A%23D4AC2B%3E%3Creceiver_prefix%3E%3Creceiver%3E%3Creceiver_suffix%3E%3C%2Fcolor%3E%5D%20%3Cmessage%3E%3C%2Fwhite%3E%0A%3Cwhite%3E%5B%3Ccolor%3A%23FFCE45%3E%3Csender_prefix%3E%3Csender%3E%3Csender_suffix%3E%3C%2Fcolor%3E%20%E2%86%92%20%3Ccolor%3A%23D4AC2B%3EYOU%3C%2Fcolor%3E%5D%20%3Cmessage%3E%3C%2Fwhite%3E%0A%3Cgradient%3Aaqua%3Ablue%3E%5BSocialSpy%5D%20%3C%2Fgradient%3E%5B%3Cwhite%3E%3Csender%3E%20%E2%86%92%20%3Creceiver%3E%5D%3A%20%3Cmessage%3E&st=%7B%22sender%22%3A%22Player1%22%2C%22receiver%22%3A%22Player2%22%2C%22message%22%3A%22Hello%2C%20World!%22%2C%22receiver_prefix%22%3A%22Admin%20%22%2C%22receiver_suffix%22%3A%22%20%5BLevel%201%5D%22%2C%22sender_prefix%22%3A%22Moderator%20%22%2C%22sender_suffix%22%3A%22%20%5BLevel%200%5D%22%7D
message-sent = "<white>[<color:#FFCE45>YOU</color> → <color:#D4AC2B><receiver_prefix><receiver><receiver_suffix></color>] <message></white>"
message-received = "<white>[<color:#FFCE45><sender_prefix><sender><sender_suffix></color> → <color:#D4AC2B>YOU</color>] <message></white>"
message-socialspy = "<gradient:aqua:blue>[SocialSpy] </gradient>[<white><sender> → <receiver>]: <message>"

# Customise error handling - leave blank to disable
# Documentation: https://docs.adventure.kyori.net/minimessage.html#format or https://webui.adventure.kyori.net/
# Syntax: "class" = "message in minimessage"
# "cloud.commandframework.exceptions.InvalidSyntaxException" = "<red><lang:oskarsmc.message.command.exceptions.InvalidSyntaxException></red>"

# Aliases:
# Customise using a TOML string array.
message = ["msg", "tell"]
reply = ["r"]
socialspy = ["ss"]

# Please don't touch this
config-version = 1.2


  • enabled: (boolean) Enable the plugin
  • luckperms-integration: (boolean) Enable luckperms integration
  • miniplaceholders-integration: (boolean) Enable MiniPlaceholders integration
  • allow-self-message-sending: (boolean) Allow players to send messages to themselves


  • message-sent: The message sent to the command sender after sending the message
  • message-received: The message sent to the command sender receiving the message
  • message-socialspy: The message displayed to a command sender receiving socialspy messages.

Error Handlers

The format for declaring an error handler is as follows:

"com.example.exception.ExceptionClass" = "minimessage format"
Example: Using exception handlers with translations In some cases, server admins may wish to localise their error messages. For this, the MiniMessage translatable tag would be used as seen below:
"cloud.commandframework.exceptions.InvalidSyntaxException" = "<red><lang:com.yourserver.invalid-syntax>"

Accompanied by a matching translation definition for com.yourserver-invalid-syntax as a custom definition in the translation configuration. Read more about the translation configuration here

Common Exceptions
  • cloud.commandframework.exceptions.InvalidSyntaxException: Invalid Syntax
  • cloud.commandframework.exceptions.ArgumentParseException: Invalid Argument
  • cloud.commandframework.exceptions.NoPermissionException: Permission Error
  • cloud.commandframework.exceptions.InvalidCommandSenderException: Sender Type Error


  • message: list[string] List of aliases for the /message command
  • reply: list[string] List of aliases for the /reply command
  • socialspy: list[string] List of aliases for the /socialspy command


Translations are included as json files, in the message/translations/ folder.

The plugin will read translations that match the following filename: translations-<pluginVersion>.json, where <pluginVersion> is the version of the plugin.

Translation File

  "translation-version": "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT",
  "translations": [
      "language-tag": "en-US",
      "translations": {
        "oskarsmc.message.command.message.argument.player-argument": "The player to send the message to.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.common.argument.message-description": "The message to send to the player.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.socialspy.on": "SocialSpy enabled.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.socialspy.off": "SocialSpy disabled.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.common.self-sending-error": "You cannot send messages to yourself."
      "language-tag": "es-ES",
      "translations": {
        "oskarsmc.message.command.message.argument.player-argument": "El jugador al cual enviar el mensaje.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.common.argument.message-description": "El mensaje que se enviara al jugador.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.socialspy.on": "SocialSpy habilitado.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.socialspy.off": "SocialSpy deshabilitado.",
        "oskarsmc.message.command.common.self-sending-error": "No puedes enviarte mensajes a ti mismo."
  • translation-version: (string) version of the translation, used to determine if the translation file is outdated or not. don't touch this.
  • translations: (list[object]) as follows
    • language-tag: (string) A language tag compliant with IETF BCP 47
    • translations: (dictionary[string, string]) A dictionary of translation keys and values.
Example: Creating custom translations In some cases, server admins may wish to create their own localisations, for example, in custom error messages. For this, a custom translation would be defined as such, under translations[].translations
// note json doesn't support comments like in this demo
  "language-tag": "en-GB",
  "translations": {
    // remember to include the default translations as to not break existing commands!
    "com.yourserver.invalid-syntax": "Invalid Syntax"

Accompanied by a matching error handler for com.yourserver-invalid-syntax as a custom exception handler in the error-handlers configuration. Read more about the error handler configuration here