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BedWars/EggWars/AnchorWars/CakeWars minigame compatible with all versions since 1.8.8


Flexible BedWars plugin, formerly coded as a replacement for BedwarsRel. Supports all major versions since 1.8.8.


  • All the basics of BedWars game (Beds, Teams and so on)
  • Other BedWars variants: CakeWars/EggWars/AnchorWars/whatever you want to create
  • Highly customizable shop and multiple different shops per arena
  • Simple BungeeCord and Velocity integration
  • Vault rewards and reward commands
  • Spectator mode (spectators can also join running game)
  • Arena rebuilding (incredibly quick)
  • BossBar or XP bar in lobby and/or in game showing remaining time
  • Breakable blocks (refreshed after arena rebuild) / ignored blocks
  • Special items (RescuePlatform, TNTSheep, ...) with global and local configuration in shop
  • High configurability and configuration per arena
  • and many more

Arena creation:


  • Create new arena with command: /bw admin <New arena name> add
  • Then set arena size by setting two positions: /bw admin <name> pos1 and /bw admin <name> pos2
  • Add spectator spawn: /bw admin <name> spec
  • Add some resource spawners to your position with command /bw admin <name> spawner add <bronze|gold|iron>
  • Then spawn Villager stores with: /bw admin <name> store add
  • Now create teams:
    • Run command /bw admin <game name> team add <Your team name> <team color> <max players>
    • Stand up where you want to set team spawn and run command: /bw admin <game name> team spawn <team name>
    • Then look at team bed and run command /bw admin <game name> team bed <team name>
    • You must create at least 2 teams.
  • Then go to lobby and execute /bw admin <game name> lobby
  • Now all basic things are set, so you can run /bw admin <game name> save to save and enable the game


Updated tutorial by SoulStriker including SBA addon (in English)

Original tutorial by SoulStriker (in English)


Published onApril 23, 2023

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