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Ultimate utility for submitting and reviewing player builds!

A reworked version of the original BuildSubmission by FredTheLion.

The plugin was too good to let die & I can't even find the GitHub for it anymore so I thought I'd bring it into the current era, also did my best to keep it Plugman friendly.

This new version is compiled natively against 1.19 & has had some older methods replaced to allow it to work. It should still work on versions back to 1.13.

The user interface has also been given a refresh to make it better & easier for the reviewer.


A lightweight build submission plugin which lets you run specific commands once a build is approved. I will not be publishing feature updates for this resource unless I need them myself. This was simply a personal use restoration project that I thought would be best to share with anyone else who may need a similar system.

Should the plugin break for any reason I will look into updating it further.


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onApril 23, 2023

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