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A useful library plugin that includes lots of helpful code and API features.

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BlueSlimeCore is an library plugin with many features that are necessary for my other plugins. This library is also free for other developers to use.

Features for Servers

  • Support for Spigot, Paper, and Folia
  • '/item-to-nbt' command to view NBT data tags on items.
  • '/item-to-base64' command to convert items to Base64 strings.
  • '/debug-event' command to find plugins and listeners for events.

Features for Developers

  • Configuration management system for saving and loading of multiple files.
  • Language management system with support for per-player languages, MiniMessage, and PlaceholderAPI.
  • Ability to send action bars, titles, and sounds through the language API.
  • Command system with player checking and sub commands.
  • Plugin update checking with SpigotMC or Hangar.
  • Menu API for creation of menus with buttons or pages and a configurable item format.
  • Factions Handler API to aid support with many different Factions plugin.
  • Item builders to quickly create items, leather armor, potions, and player heads.
  • Multiple version handler for spawning entities, changing max health, checking absorption.
  • Multiple version handler for sending cooldown packets and checking server TPS.
  • Utility methods for dealing with block/entity locations, items, experience, hex colors, and versions.



CategoryDeveloper Tools
Published onApril 24, 2023
Supports Folia

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