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Count entities in a world

Report EntityCount?


EntityCount is a simple utility to report the number of each entity type in a world. The list is sorted alphabetically. Only entities in loaded chunks are counted; EntityCount does not load any chunks, so it is most useful for counting entities in-game. Entity types that do not exist in your server version will be silently ignored.

EntityCount 1.1.0 updated build dependencies, added update-checking and support for MiniMessage formatting of messages.

EntityCount has worked on every Paper and Spigot version since 1.13.2. EntityCount may or may not work on previous releases, or on other variants. Only the latest certified releases are supported. Please update to the latest certified EntityCount and platform release, before proceeding.


Default config.yml

Default messages.yml


All commands may be executed in-game (with appropriate permissions) or at the console. You may use the alias ec for convenience.

If executed at the console, the world parameter (world-name) is required. In-game, the current world is used if the world parameter is omitted.

If entity-type is not specified, all entity types are included. NPCs (for example, Citizens) are included in entity counts. Recognized values for entity-type may be found here. Uppercase or lowercase values are accepted.

entitycount count [ <world-name> [ <entity-type> ] ]
Report the entity count.

entitycount reload
Reload the configuration files.


Permissions reflect the commands they allow. All permissions default to op.



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Published onDecember 25, 2022

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